Celebrating The Best Dads on Father's Day

As Father’s Day approaches, we are so grateful to Dad for all the stereotypical dad things, like teaching us to drive, slipping us an extra $20, and not letting us vote Democrat. Telling dad how much you care can be difficult, but here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will make saying, “I love you, Dad,” a little less awkward.


What do you get when you give a dad who loves Trump the perfect Father’s Day present? Four more years (starting in 2024). But since that gift won’t be ready this Father’s Day, get dad a gift that communicates he has a 100% approval rating. With our variety of Trump items just for dads, we know you’ll find the perfect gift. Our favorites are:


For all the ladies who you grew up with a great girl dad, you know you need to get him something special. How do you say thank you to the man who walked you down the aisle and taught you how to land a right hook in case your prom date tried to cop a feel? Dad will know you were actually listening to him all those years when you get him a D.A.D.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats) pint or whiskey glass. If you have a Dad who waited up for you while you stayed out late, we suggest our You Can’t Scare Me I have Daughters .308 Bullet whiskey glass. Did your dad ever greet your boyfriend by displaying his gun collection? Tell dad you know that he did it out of love by getting him our Dads with Pretty Daughters whiskey glass. Whichever of our glassware that you get your father, he'll know that you’ll always appreciate everything he did for you, and that you are sorry for giving him a few premature gray hairs.


Being a dutiful grandchild, you’ll want to celebrate your grandfather this Father’s Day. Pop-pop has always been there for you, like the time he let you use his military issued Chapstick from WWII when your lips were super chapped during a visit…oh, that was just us? Well, you can pay homage to two of your favorite progenitors with one of our Grandpas for Trump glasses:

Deep down we know you are the favorite child, and what better way to maintain that status than with the Cadillac of gifts: the Just a Regular Dad Trying Not to raise Liberals gift set. Outshine all your siblings and bask in the warm glow of paternal affection as your dad puts on his shirt and has a drink from his whiskey glass. This is the gift that really lets dad know you he raised you right…literally.

We hope we’ve helped you select the perfect gift for dad (and grandpa) for Father’s Day. Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there from the folks here at Patriots Cave.

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