Bidenflation Sends Prices Soaring

Congressman Troy Nehls recently tweeted, “Inflation is not just a tax on every American. It has become a tool of oppression. By making travel and goods unaffordable, Americans are becoming more dependent on the Federal Government to survive. We need to lower inflation to ensures our country stays free.”

When President Trump exited the Oval Office, inflation was at 1.4% and the price of gasoline was $2.39 a gallon. Under President Biden, the current inflation rate is 8.3% and gas is $4.70 a gallon. Inflation, or should we say Bidenflation, has hit a 40-year high and is the top economic concern among Americans.  Nearly one in five Americans (17%) report that inflation is the most important problem facing our country. Of course, the issue at the top of the list according to 22% of Americans remains government/poor leadership, but inflation is inextricably linked to Biden’s myriad failings as Commander in Chief.

Gas prices are higher than Hunter Biden. Everyone with a functioning short term memory knows it’s not Vladimir Putin’s fault. Prices at the pump were already rising prior to Russia invading Ukraine, but senile Joe is busy placing the blame everywhere except where it belongs. It is stomach turning when Biden references conversations he had at the kitchen table while growing up about the price of gasoline being a hardship as he does nothing to ease the burden he’s foisted upon everyday Americans. Biden’s 2020 tax returns report an adjusted gross income of $607,336 and he has an estimated net worth of $9 million. He is absolutely not feeling our pain and is completely disengaged from reality. At a recent press conference, Biden described the high prices at the pump as part of “an incredible transition” to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels…cool, so the goal is to get Americans all driving hybrid or electric cars? But if it’s a struggle for families to find an additional $327 per month on average to cover the cost of inflation, how are people going to afford new cars? Please make it make sense.

Rising gas prices drive inflation. Built into the price of goods is the cost involved with transporting them to store shelves. Every sector of the economy has been affected. Some businesses can no longer afford to ship their goods and products, hence the empty shelves we are now seeing in stores. One of the folks here at Patriot’s Cave was recently chatting with the wife of a New England fisherman, and she said that the rising price of diesel fuel is driving up the costs of fish and lobster that they sell to their customers. She went on to say that if diesel surpasses a certain price point, her family’s business will no longer be viable. Prices at the grocery store have already risen over 10% since Biden took office. Families are being forced to go without everything that they need. Americans are going hungry as part of a crisis manufactured by Bare Shelves Biden.

Speaking of Americans going hungry, we’ve gotta talk about the babies. There is just no excuse for hungry or malnourished babies. Parents now have to drive to numerous stores in multiple cities and towns to look for formula for their infants. Now we are back to gas being more expensive as desperate parents are forced to fill up their tanks so they can try and fill up their babies. Karine Jean-Pierre, the new White House Press Secretary recently said, “I don’t have a timeline on when baby formula will return to shelves.” That is not an acceptable answer. Every question from Peter Doocy, the Fox News White House Correspondent seemingly catches her off guard. Doocy will put forth a query about a major problem facing Americans and Jean-Pierre reacts with surprise as she clumsily stumbles through a poorly thought out, non-informative response. Jean-Pierre’s ginger predecessor Psaki Bomb recommended that parents should call a doctor when she was pressed about what they should do when they can’t find formula. But you know where you can find formula? Stockpiled in warehouses at the Southern border. Congresswoman Kat Cammack took a trip to the border and shared photos and videos of the stockpile of formula ready for illegal border crossers. Ultimately, this is just another manufactured crisis by the Biden administration as the nation’s largest baby food producer was shut down by the FDA in February, and since then the government has moved at a snail’s pace when it comes getting them operational again. The Biden administration is caught up in their own red tape, which they could easily cut through themselves. Meanwhile babies are being admitted to hospitals for malnutrition.

Biden sucks, his policies suck, globalism sucks. Bidenflation especially sucks. We need leadership that squarely puts America and Americans first. One Patriot’s Cave staffer regularly finds empty shelves in Orlando stores. In Boston, we often find rotten produce in grocery stores because there isn’t fresh produce available. How bad are things where you are? How much is gas at your local gas station? Send us some of your Bare Shelves Biden pics, and let us know what you are seeing where you are located.

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