Top Five Conservative Presidents Of All Time

Who is your favorite conservative president? Tune in as we count down our top five one at a time. As bonus, we will match each presidential pick with his favorite item from our merchWe’ll get things started today with our number five favorite.

5. Abraham Lincoln

President #16 (1861-1865)

Abraham Lincoln

Coming in at number five is Honest AbeLincoln was the first president elected by the Republican party, which was founded in 1854. Lincoln stated that, “The chief and real purpose of the Republican party is eminently conservative.” He went onto note that the founding fathers’ original intent was for slavery to eventually end and that slavery violated American ideals. Lincoln was and remains an iconic figure for American conservatives.

Wielding an ax and splitting rails makes Lincoln pretty bad ass, and even though he was disinclined to copiously imbibe libations, he probably still would have pounded waters from our Lincoln in Shades whiskey glass.

4.James Monroe

President #5 (1817-1825)

James Monroe

The famous Monroe Doctrine in 1823 served as a warning to European powers, as it stated that the Western Hemisphere was thereafter closed to further European colonization. By defining its rights and interests in the New World, the United States was able to avoid becoming enmeshed in foreign interests for most of the rest of the century, clearly putting America first. In addition, Monroe was an opponent of excessive government spending and in regard to a proposed bill to make repairs on the national Cumberland Road he stated, “Congress does not possess the power under the Constitution to pass such a law.”

Monroe was definitely pro-America and he would definitely be anti-Biden. Biden’s excessive spending in 2021 of $6.8 trillion is enough to make Monroe roll over in his grave...6.8 trillion times. Because of his America first stance, Monroe would be a fan of the Pro America Anti Biden whiskey glass.

3. Ronald Regan

President #40 (1981-1989)

Ronald Reagan

As arguably the first true conservative U.S. president in 50 years, Reagan’s time in office focused on reducing the American people’s reliance on government. Reagan was in favor of limited government and lessened federal restrictions on businesses and individuals. He also instituted broad tax cuts, which constituted the most important tax reform since World War II.

As governor of California, Reagan said, “A hippie is someone who looks like Tarzan, dresses like Jane and smells like Cheetah.” Reagan was known to enjoy California wines, and we think he’d particularly enjoy sipping his favorite from our I Smell Hippies wine glass.

2.George Washington

President #1 (1789-1797)

George Washington

As the first and only unanimously elected leader of the United States, it was crucial that Washington maintain neutrality as he never formally joined a political party. But after he made the most sagacious decision possible when he declined becoming king of the newly formed nation, his conservative colors were showing. Said Washington, “I did not want to defeat King George III to become King George I.” Washington knew the survival of America depended on it remaining independent with limited government, which was a belief shared by even the most progressive founding fathers. Further, Washington paved the way for the presidential two-term limit when he stepped down after his second term in office. If only Congress would impose similar term limits on themselves... Washington was an ardent constitutionalist who said, “The Constitution is a guide, which I shall never abandon.”

As with nearly everyone of the era, Washington liked beer. He even had his own beer recipe, which can be found in a notebook he kept in 1757. We think he would have taken a particular liking to our Hold My Beer – George Washington .50 Cal Bullet pint glass.

1. Donald Trump

President #45 (2017-2021)

President Donald Trump

He’s number one because he put America first. Trump connected strongly with the ideals of millions of working-and-middle class families who wanted change. He cut taxes, promoted American energy independence, and made the single largest investment in national parks and public lands in history. And despite being known for pausing immigration, the title of Deporter-in-Chief is held by Obama, who deported 1.18 million illegals in his first three years of office compared to the 800,000 deported by Trump in his first three years, thanks to Trumps policies that deterred illegal immigration. You know what really would have helped deter illegal immigration? A wall.

Trump would have a hard time choosing his favorite item in our store, but he would be especially fond of our Just Biden Our Time T-shirt, because like us he is bidding his time until 2024...

That’s it! Thanks for sticking with us and reading about our favorite conservative presidents. Did your top five match up with ours? Let us know! And tune in soon for our top five most despised liberal presidents (our number one pick is super obvious, but we’ll write some funny stuff about him and his super creepy penchant for sniffing people’s hair).

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