Top 6 Hats To Trigger Liberals In Your Life

In the past few years as the left has taken a hard left, conservative Americans have stood our ground unwaveringly as we stand up to radical liberal ideologies. We want what our forefathers wanted: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our pronouns are born/free and if they are disrespected, we won’t cry about it on TikTok. We’ll just wear a little something that tells woke, cancel culture fanatics where they can get off. Here are five hats that will show them what you believe in.


Judging by reactions we’ve seen on social media, the best place to piss off liberals is at the airport. It was the last bastion of forced face diapering, and now that faces have been freed, it’s easy to register the looks of disapproval from libtards. Why not wear your FJB hat on your next flight? 30,000 feet is the perfect altitude to make liberals behave like hypocrites as they demand you take off your hat, while they protest that they are in favor of free speech. But they can’t have it both ways, and we hold the constitution in much higher regard then their feelings.

Let's Go Brandon Hat

Pay tribute to the birth of a movement with your checkered flag Let’s Go Brandon color hat. What a sweet moment it was as Kelli Stavast interviewed Brandon Brown on October 2, 2021 at Talladega Motor Speedway. Fans in the background could clearly be heard chanting “FUCK Joe Biden.” Kelli congratulated Brandon on his victory, but noted instead that the crowd was chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.” Folks across the nation marveled at that display of cognitive gymnastics, and then quickly adopted “Let’s Go Brandon” as a euphemism for FJB.

Don't Blame Me Hat

Gas prices are way up, food shortages are predicted, the southern border is open, and liberal cities have allowed downtown areas to become homeless encampments where junkies get high and defecate on the sidewalk. If there was ever a time for finger-pointing, it’s now. Show them that you knew what you were doing with your vote and shame them for what they did with theirs by wearing our Don’t Blame Me hat

Standard Flag Hat

In a time where some leftists are actually ashamed of this country, let them know that (1) they’re wrong, and (2) they couldn’t be more wrong, by proudly wearing your Standard Flag hat. This is the greatest country in the world and feeling ashamed of it doesn’t make them a member of the super-cool America haters club, it just makes them foolish and ungrateful.    

Joe & The Ho Hat

If you think Joe and Kamala need to be removed from office, then this is the hat for you. When you have the Joe and the Ho Gotta Go hat, you are going to trigger a lot of liberals It's more than a catchy phrase, it's how we all feel about the worst presidency in modern history. 

Just So We're Clear Hat

Sleepy Joe has made it clear he's coming for your guns. He doesn't see why you need to own black rifles or more than one gun. If you're like us, you have a lot more than one gun and this hat sends your message loud and clear. It's a matter of fact when you let them know just so we're clear, I ain't giving up shit

Check out the hats below that we covered here and take a stand. Let those liberal tears flow as you grin from ear to ear with these awesome hats. Let us know in the comments which hat is your favorite below!

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