Coffee Mugs Are Here! Get Them While They're Hot

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the newest addition to the Patriots Cave family. If we could pass out cigars, we would. We know we’ve been your go-to source for conservative and patriotic glassware, and you are already drinking your beer, whiskey, and shots as well as water, juice, iced tea, lemonade and milk from our variety of glasses. But we want to support you in all your beverage drinking endeavors at all times of day, which is why we are pleased to present our new coffee mugs. We’ve been there when you’ve sipped your nightcap, and now we will be there when you sip your morning coffee. Just like some parents really do have a favorite child, we’ve got some favorite mugs, and we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce them to you.


We like to start our day off the patriotic way, by having our coffee in an American Flag mug. We’re always rooting for the home team, and this mug proudly displays our patriotism. America first!


We are completely and totally against “student loan forgiveness”. The assholes who are in favor of and will benefit from this program largely don’t understand that the government doesn’t have its own money to pass out. It’s our money. It’s hardworking, tax-paying American’s money, and we are totally and completely uninterested in paying someone else’s student loans. Your loan, your responsibility. Figure it out. Get a second job. We don’t care, someone else’s finances are not our business, so Biden should stop trying to make them our problem. This is why we love our Just Another Republican Working Hard mug. P.S. socialism has never worked and will never work.


Everybody knows that conservatives are patriots who love to display their patriotism. There is no question about this, and even liberals are in agreement. We’ve seen plenty of citizen-on-the-street interviews, where liberals are asked about the American flag and they recoil and say it’s a symbol for Republicans. Uh, duh. That’s because we’re patriots, and guess what liberals? That makes you traitors. Because if you’re not for America you’re against her. There are but two parties now; traitors and patriots is definitely one of our favorite mugs.


If you’re like us (and we know you are) you like to drink your coffee from seasonal mugs to get into the spirit of each holiday or to keep things festive. Our Trumpkin mug is perfect for Halloween and our Beginning to Look Like You Miss Me mug is great around Christmas time (and the sentiment is so, so true).


We are 2A folks all the way. They can have our guns when they pry them from our cold, dead hands. But you know what keeps our hands warm? Holding our 2nd Amendment mug when it’s full of delicious, hot coffee.


Sometimes it’s just easier to let you mug say it for you, and our Sorry, No Habla Fucktardo mug says it all. We love this mug so much, we’ve been known to take it with us when we go places. It eliminates unnecessary conversations from taking place, which is fine by us – those fluent in Fucktardo tend to steer clear.


Did you know that we are poets? Let us recite for you one of our favorites: Roses are Red, Kamala’s not Black, Joe has Dementia, and Hunter’s on Crack. Yeah, we know it’s an instant classic, so we put it on a mug. And if someone doesn’t like it, just let them know that you can’t talk about it with them because you don’t speak Fucktardo.


They are great mugs, aren’t they? Check out our full selection here. Make sure to check back because we regularly release new designs. And we’ll see you in the morning for coffee.

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