Gifts under $25 for the 2020 Holidays

Are you trying to finish out your gift buying with an eye on the budget? You are in the right place; the vast majority of Patriots Cave merchandise costs $25 or less. We thought we would help just a bit and have compiled a shortlist, in no particular order, for your inspiration.



1. Thin Blue Line Flag 4x6 Rectangle Magnet

Everyone loves our Men and Women in Blue. Check out our Thin Blue Line Flag Magnet and stamp out where we stand on our support. Any patriotic American will love this take on our classic local heroes. Our 6 x 4 American-made magnet is both bright and durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. All of our magnets are more robust and are definitely not your standard refrigerator magnet.


2. Trump Bullet Keychain

Here is a practical and useful gift that any Trump supporter will be proud to carry. Select from a brass .45 ACP casing or a brass .45 colt casing, each set with a copper bullet, professionally cleaned and safe. Your gift will arrive in a lovely red box with a gold stamped Trump Presidential Seal on the lid and a collector's card with a tribute to our 45th president.

Every faithful Always-Trumper will cherish this handsome keepsake and your thoughtfulness.


3. Flag Pin

Another special Patriots Cave tribute to the greatest nation in the world history is this gorgeous 24 carat gold-plated American Flag Pin. Die struck from solid brass with a non-spin pin back, this stunning three-quarter inch square beauty is exquisitely detailed. Your gift will also arrive in a sturdy red box with a gold stamped presidential seal on top. This beautiful high-quality piece of patriotic jewelry is an absolute stunner.


4. Gun Toting American Loving Republican Button

The conservative Second Amendment enthusiast on your 2020 Christmas list will love the message of this button; the trifecta of America, our Second Amendment, and the Republican Party. Like all of our professionally US-made 2 ¼ inch diameter buttons, it is encased in heavy plastic for durability and UV protection. There are many Patriots Cave buttons to choose from, all with their own particular message.


5. Limited Edition Super Trump Poster


We might still be waiting for the final vote tally by Christmas, but win or lose, there is no denying the reality of Super Trump. This stunning and colorful image is all the more impressive displayed on this 24 x 36" full-color poster. Keep that patriotic hope alive along with Super Trump's winning passion and give everyone on your list one of these Limited edition beauties.


6. Creepy Uncle Joe .308 Bullet Whiskey Glass

Unlike Super Trump, pathetic old Creepy Uncle Joe could not accomplish anything worthwhile in 47 years on the public dole. He did, however, sniff a lot of hair and somehow made a lot of money.

Our 10-ounce bullet whiskey glass is embedded with a lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet for a stunning effect. Speaking of stunning, how about the number of dead people that support Creepy Uncle Joe. 

Any conservatives on your gift list will appreciate this acknowledgment of our sad reality.


7. Don't Tread on Me .308 Bullet Shot Glass

Created in 1775, this bright yellow flag with its bold timber rattlesnake image served as a motto flag for the Continental Marines and is a favorite of patriots today. This 2-ounce shot glass sporting the timber rattlesnake and its famous slogan is embedded with a .308 copper bullet from Lehigh Defense in Pennsylvania, USA.

You can't have too many shot glasses, especially if they are as patriotic and inspirational as this bullet shot glass with its iconic American message.


8. Coaster Games

Here is an everyday necessity from Off the quote Wagon made interactive; these coasters protect your furniture while providing entertainment. Each of the 25 two-sided coasters in this set includes games and challenges to add some outrageous fun to your next get-together.

At under $15, this is an exceptional choice in the under $25 category.

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