Last Minute Gifts From Patriot's Cave in 2020

Last-minute gift buying is inevitable every holiday season. Sometimes we forget, and sometimes we just procrastinate. Here are some last-minute gift ideas to help you pull your ass out of the fire.


1. 12 Piece Sticker Value Pack

Most likely, you have a few Trump supporters on your list this Christmas season. Choose from two fantastic packages of 12 colorful pro-Trump stickers, regular (PG) or hard-core (R-rated). Any supporter of President Trump will find plenty of places for these bright, fun statements to stick around. You may need more than one value pack if they are incredibly energetic.


2. Are You an American or a Democrat Button

After watching the Democrats over the last several years, it can be challenging to understand why any of them want to serve a country they seem to despise. Given all of that, the question asked by this button seems more earnest than rhetorical. This is a great last-minute gift and conversation starter for that outgoing conservative on your list. You can find all of our high-quality fun buttons here.


3. Patriots Cave Gift Card

We know a gift card can seem like a copout when it comes to gift-giving. But, a Patriots Cave gift card can be a fantastic option for a last-minute gift. With all of our high-quality merchandise and outrageously fun and patriotic designs, your giftee will get twice the pleasure of first exploring Patriots Cave and then enjoying their selection.


4. Blue Lives Matter Yard Sign 2 Pack

Here is a wonderful gift for any patriotic conservative American who supports law enforcement men and women. Patriots Cave is exceptionally proud to Back the Blue with this special deal on a pack of two 12 x 18 all-weather yard signs. Made with sturdy corrugated plastic and professionally printed on both sides, our yard signs' heavy-duty wire stakes are easier to use than the conventional style.

You can find more great last-minute Back the Blue gift ideas here.


Forgetfulness and procrastination aren't the only reasons for last-minute gift buying. Sometimes, the choices are infuriatingly difficult because they have everything they need, or we just don't know what could be unique enough to satisfy yet be useful and appreciated.

Patriots Cave to the rescue once more. We ran down to the basement to find some of the things that have fallen off the radar. We found some amusing stuff and thought some of it would make a great last-minute choice for that hard to buy for person.


5. Here Kitty Kitty Pint Glass

Back in one of our Patriots Cave cubbies, we found this clever pint glass from our Tiger King collection. No matter what you think or believe about Joe Exotic and his nemesis Carole Baskin, this particular design has a broader appeal. If you want something a little more exotically edgy, there are many more to choose from, such as this one.


6. Thanksgiving Day 2020 Nordic Mug

Alright, we know that a Thanksgiving mug might seem like an odd Christmas present, but bear with us.

It's 2020; commemorating the most bizarre Thanksgiving in nearly 400 years is another way to look at it. Sure, it's a bit different, but isn't the holiday season all about remembering? With that in mind, check out all of our gobbler glassware.


7. The Fake News Times .308 Bullet Whiskey Glass

Fake News, Narrative Networks, Propaganda; however, you look at it, traditional media in America is abysmal. America's Fish Wrapper is just one example. Take a fun trip through our Fuck the Left collection and pick from virtually any mainstream media such as Absolute Bull Crap and Fake News Network to find that perfect match for your intended recipient. These designs are more timely than ever; we're not quite sure why they were in the basement.


8. D.A.D.D.D. .50 Cal Bullet Pint Glass

If there are any conservative fathers with daughters of age on your Christmas list, they will truly appreciate the message on this pint, Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats. The heartwarming message of love for their offspring's well-being and future will help them focus on what's important. Help that future father-in-law on your list have some fun at the expense of the younger generation.

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