Freedom Online? Everything We Know About Gettr, Trump’s Favorite Social Media Site

The die-hard socialist liberals who run Silicon Valley want to make it so that conservatives have nowhere left to go.

Everyone knows that the “public square” lives entirely online. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, you name it. What happens, then, to free speech when the public square is controlled, curated, and cordoned off by people who hate free speech and face no pushback?

The answer is that conservatives lose their voice in America.

That’s why former members of Donald Trump’s Administration founded Gettr. The free speech social media site.

Johnny, Strike Up the Bans

It all started with Trump getting banned from Big Tech social media. Using any excuse they could find, Zuckerberg and Dorsey pushed the 45th President out of the digital public square. In effect, they silenced him. 

So, former White House Communications Director Jason Miller launched Gettr so conservatives would have a home online where Big Tech could not regulate them out of existence.

Right now you can get Gettr on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Download it ASAP.

Small But Mighty

The total number of estimated Gettr users sits in the low millions, but popularity for the app is growing, primarily among dissidents and gadflies who want to speak out against tyranny.

Famously, Miles Guo, a Chinese exile critical of the Chinese Communist Party, uses the app to spread the message about the CCP’s human rights abuses. You know Guo from his frequent appearances on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. War Room and Guo were the first voices on the scene to report on the China Virus leaking from a Level 4 Research Lab in Wuhan, China. Meanwhile, liberal media types were touting the lie that the Chinese had nothing to do with cooking up the virus.

The Nuts and Bolts

Gettr, which is a combination of the words “getting” and “together,” wants to be user-forward and free-speech-maximalist.

Users can write text posts of up to 777 characters. You can livestream and post images and videos like on any other social media site. And users have an incentive to post quality content thanks to the tipping feature, which allows other community members to pay content creators directly.

If you want to make your voice heard, cancel cancel culture, and interact with free speech warriors all across America, there is no better place for you than Gettr.



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