Labor Day Weekend in America

In a nation where hard work is expected and likewise rewarded, it would only be right to have a holiday in which such deeds are commended. Whether you’re a tobacco farmer in Mississippi or a pipeline worker out West, Labor Day is a day that is dedicated to you and all people alike. The former administration made a key priority in thanking all of America’s hard working blue collar workers while the present one has rescinded such attitudes and policies without so much as a second thought. We might have lost a true American leader like Donald Trump for the time being as President but still let’s break down Labor Day weekend and what it means to many Americans today.

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. This also symbolizes to many Americans the end of Summer so it’s no secret that many people break out the grills or host a party. Labor Day did not officially become a federal holiday until 1894 but it can be traced all the way back to Oregon in 1887 when it became the first state to make it an official public holiday. Thirty states in total had Labor Day on the books before the federal government finally came around on the issue.

As many folks know, COVID-19 really did a lot of Labor Day celebrations in last year but thanks to President Trump speeding up the vaccine research process & making it accessible for everyday Americans our way of life is slowly returning back to normal despite the scare tactics of the mainstream liberal media. Many people are still reluctant to attend gatherings but it’s become easier and easier as time has progressed thanks to dropping cases. The Biden Administration seems dead set on keeping America on lockdown but through common sense we’re able to overcome this disease & reopen far sooner than projections ever thought. America is coming back, better than ever whether the Biden Circus likes it or not. 

This day is about relaxing with family & appreciating all the hard work America’s labor force has done throughout the years to make this country what it is. Far too long we’ve been “holed up” by this virus & it makes this year's celebration that much sweeter. It’s sad but many Biden fans will spend it alone due to their ignorance or for the simple fact they don’t appreciate labor in general, much less celebrating it. Be sure to stop at the local store to pick up a pack of hot dogs, hamburger meat & steaks. Pack the cooler full of ice & fresh beer but most importantly call the family over, and have a nice relaxing weekend with the Stars & Stripes flying high in the front yard! This is our America, love it or leave it. 

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