9/11 - The Day Uncle Sam Put His Gloves On

Yet another Tuesday morning had come to pass in The Big Apple on September 11, 2001. Everything was just how it typically was, pedestrians & bystanders walked & chatted about the local gossip or the best place down the street for coffee when the glimpse of a Boeing aircraft flying erratically filled the eyes of the people below with horror. This was no accident, this was too deliberate. As the sound of the crash echoed throughout the area, the brave men & women of the NYFD & NYPD swarmed upon the scene with speed & determination.

The North Tower was the first Tower to be struck at approximately 8:46 a.m by American Airlines Flight 11. Phone calls & radio transmissions revealed the hijackers claimed to have bombs aboard but many passengers at the time made it clear that the bombs appeared to be fake (an FBI investigation afterwards revealed that they probably were). Flight 11 hit the North Tower between floors 93-99 & destroyed all three staircases in the process. This meant nearly everyone above these floor levels were trapped without knowledge of what was going on or how to handle the situation. As time passed many people above the impact zone started to jump out the windows, falling to their death in a last desperate attempt to get away from the smoke and flames. 

Not long after The North Tower was struck, word got out to people working in The South Tower about what had just happened. Many people decided to leave the Tower then & there but for many others they were instructed to stay put as The South Tower was deemed a “Safe Zone”. At approximately 9:03 a.m it became anything but one as Flight 175 crashed into it between floors 77-85. As the screams and shrieks of the people involved filled the air, America’s bravest men & women put their gear on & made, for many of them, their last rescue mission.

As they made their ascent into The Towers many people on the lower levels were assisted & evacuated immediately but as they made their way closer to the impact zones the sheer magnitude of the situation began to unfold. Many tried to find separate ways to access the upper levels of The North & South Tower but in the process of doing so the mighty Towers, a symbol of America at the time, toppled down & with it came down the hopes & dreams of countless Americans. In a time where we all felt hopeless one figure came through to take charge & that was none other than George W. Bush. 

“The W” made it clear that this was truly one of America’s darkest moments but he made a promise in which all Americans rallied behind. That promise was to find & bring to justice the despicable perpetrators who were responsible for this. President Bush’s approval rating shot through the roof to nearly 90% in the aftermath. Al-Qaeda didn’t stand a chance after this because the U.S military made sure to hunt them down in each and every possible way to the point where the mere sight of American troops they’d shutter in fear. America has always & will forever come out on top no matter what the circumstances are. This is the greatest country in the history of the world & that’s the way it always will be. 

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  • Angie Keedy On

    May we never forget all the great men and women who have sacrificed for our great country.
    God Bless Them and God Bless Our Great Nation!

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