Learn the Right Way. Five Stellar Universities for a Right-Wing Education

Liberals think they have a lock on the minds of young Americans.

They have reason to feel confident about this. Why? For almost a century, Democrats have indeed had an iron grip on college campuses.

Beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s, more and more Marxist teachers joined the ranks of the university professoriate class. Universities granted these Marxists tenure so they could never lose their jobs. In those jobs the Marxist professors honed their skills transmitting their ideology to open-minded students. And in the meantime generous grant dollars funded the publication of Marxist literature under the auspices of American universities.

Hard to imagine that all this happened at the height of the Cold War. While Marxist Communists represented the gravest possible threat to civilization, Marxists Communists were living at the leisure of American taxpayers.

That tradition has continued….

So, where can you send your sons and daughters to get a real education? 

Hillsdale College

Selective. Top-ranked. Situated in leafy Michigan. Hillsdale offers a classical education, and it doesn’t take a dime of government money like most other schools. Conservatism is even a part of its mission statement. Here your kids will learn the same fundamental values that informed the Founding Fathers.

Biola University

A Catholic college on the Left Coast of California, Biola stands out as a bright-red life saver among an ocean of blue, blue, blue. Famous for its honors program, Biola also offers a classical education as well as world-class on-campus chapel services. Even Los Angeles can’t corrupt this school.

Grove City College

College Republicans. College Libertarians. Entrepreneur Society. Life Advocates. These are but a handful of the national-recognized conservative clubs that make up the lifeblood of campus activity at Grove City College. Located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, Grove is as conservative in its mission as they come.

Liberty University

With a name like Liberty, it’s got to be good. Although it isn’t exactly free. This private Christian college was founded by Reverend Jerry Falwell in 1971 for the purpose of “Training Champions for Christ”. Students at this school have a reputation for being socially and politically conservative, as well as actively participating in local elections. Three hours from D.C., how could they not be?

College of the Ozarks

If you want a less conventional, but no less conservative academic approach, look no further. College of the Ozarks was dubbed “Hard Work U” by the Wall Street Journal. How come? Because students don’t pay tuition here. Instead they work on campus to earn their keep. Chapel attendance is required, too. Sound enticing? It is. It’s also incredibly competitive. Only the best and brightest should apply.

Bonus round!

More conservative colleges to keep on your admissions radar: Houston Baptist University, Regent University, Patrick Henry College, Brigham Young University, and the University of Dallas.

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