Hey, Kids, Wanna See a Magic Trick? Hand Over that Ballot

We all remember the night.

November 4, 2020. The Year of Our Lord. But the evening unfolded in a fashion anything but holy.

President Donald J. Trump had spent the year campaigning on the same patriotic planks that brought him to victory four years before. 

Jobs were up. GDP was up. Confidence was up, up, up.

Unemployment across all swaths of America was down. Illegal immigration was down. Bullshit tolerance was down, down, down.

The polls closed across the country. The tallies started to roll in. Unsurprisingly to Republicans, the results proved glowing for Trump. In Florida. In Wisconsin. In Michigan. In Pennsylvania. In Arizona. In all the previously blue states that the Donald had flipped in 2016.

All of us started going to bed. Tomorrow was a work-day after all. Four more years of prosperity was all but certain.

But then something happened. 

Around 10:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, as conservatives started tucking their kids into bed, the talking heads of CNN and MSNBC changed their tune.

The sad donkey bray of disappointment turned into a girlish chitter of mischief.

Votes for Biden started appearing out of nowhere. No explanation. No warning. Something was up.

By midnight, Biden's votes erased the Donald’s leads in every state that went for the 45th President in 2016. By margins that made no sense at all. With ballots that came from some mysterious place where common sense gave way to black magic.

We all like to think that the days of ballot boxes appearing by the van load in a hidden storage closet belong to a distant, more corrupt past. But the truth is that we live with fraud and deceit right now in 2021.

Election Night 2020 proved that our nation’s elections are susceptible to fraud. We should have seen it coming, frankly. Democrats in the Deep State would never have allowed what happened in 2016 to happen again in 2020.

Our mistake? We under-estimated the level of deceit and untruth to which Deep State Democrat Socialists would stoop.

So, now it is up to us to hold the government accountable.

In 2020, the Donald’s legal team tried its damnedest to reject the Baloney Ballots that appeared out of nowhere in Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. They tried their damnedest against Democrat-appointed judges in heavily-Democrat metropolises run by corrupt unions. They tried and were resisted.

In 2021, we must do our damnedest as conservatives to support Republican efforts to make voting more secure. We have to support Republican efforts to bolster America’s election integrity by any means necessary.

The second we can no longer trust our elections, that is the moment America has ceased to be a republic.

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  • John McCrea On

    That last Presidential election is like the weather, everyone is talking about it and no one is doing anything about it. This country needs an overhaul at the Federal level. The January 6th day of frustration was just the start of the real tipping point to come. I grew up participating in the Boy Scouts, and became an Eagle Scout. I went to college, then joined the US Army, retiring 27 years later. I am a proud member of the American Legion. I love Patriotism. I hate what is happening to this country, and I don’t know what to do about it.
  • Christine On

    We need our country back!

  • Luis Martinez On

    Voting fraud . Just like a third world already . But I don’t blame the dems . Yes they did it . But why republicans let it happen? The dems did a good job stealing the election . All the decades in the govt experience were used by dems to mess with the election . I came from El Salvador escaping from communism . USA is not perfect but is the best in the world . I have voted for Dems before but lately these are not dems . They are socialists . And we can not complaint because we are accused of white supremacist or terrorism . Well ,I am not white and I am not a terrorist . Inflation, crime, open borders and all free for people crossing the border illegally . When I became a citizen, I payed a lawyer, ,payed Inmigration ,had clean criminal record and was not a burden for the USA . Now,everybody come in, all free and more benefits . Republicans are talking about the 2022 midterm elections but I think the socialists liberals will destroy USA before 2022 . They do new laws every day! Love the USA . Hope it doesn’t get worst . All conservative media tell the true but all what they do is just talk,”slam”,etc . In the mean time ,the dems don’t care about “slams”. They just keep getting more power . I like capitalism . Is better tha socialism,Marxism,communism . I hope the dems care more about the American people and less about the world .I will stop here . I can not believe what is going on in this country . If people don’t like it,they can come back to where they come from . God bless America .

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