Top 10 Biden Gaffes, So Far...

All hail the Gaffe-Master-in-Chief. Biden’s constant confusion, mumbling, bumbling, stumbling, and word salading demonstrate on a regular basis that he is not fit for office. It’s an embarrassment to the nation that the president’s train of thought derails regularly. It seems like a person having all their marbles is no longer requisite to holding the highest office in the land, and we as patriotic Americans are not okay with this. Shame on Biden for running for president in the first place and shame on everyone who is propping him up and pretending like he doesn’t belong in the cognitive care wing of an old folks home. Because Biden is our nation’s most cognitively challenged president to date, in this blog post we are counting down the top 10 gaffes from the nation’s top bumbler. Join us to laugh at Sloppy Joe and cry for the future of our country over the next two years under his non compos mentis leadership.


10) Let’s kick things off with a video of President Where-Am-I getting lost on his way to the White House after being dropped off on the White House lawn. Despite being able to see door he is supposed to enter, and notwithstanding the efforts of multiple secret service agents attempting to direct him, it turns out that guiding the president is a lot like herding cats – tough to do.

Check out the video here:


9) He’s once, twice, three times a stumbler. In this video, Biden manages to bumble boarding Air Force One, as he trips three times while attempting to walk up the stairs. He must have strong bones, because he does seem to rebound quickly from a fall.

Watch the leader of the free world fall up the stairs in triplicate here:


8) He must be a big boy now, because in this clip Joe almost gets dressed all by himself. Check out this clip, where Brandon tries and tries again to put his jacket on, and after failing to get his arm in the arm hole, his wife has to reach over (like a mom) and help the president get dressed.

Can the president get dressed all by himself? Watch here to find out:


7) We featured this clip on our Facebook page because we couldn’t believe that the president is incapable of counting to three correctly. Our number seven clip is when Biden said, “Let me start off with two words: Made in America.” We counted on our fingers and that’s three words. That one is so basic that a kindergartener could provide the fact checking.

Watch Brandon fail at counting here:


6) When our Grandma got old, she took a nap every day, and it seems like a pesky G20 meeting got in the way of Sleepy Joe’s nap time. In this clip, the president nods off on international TV. Nah, that’s not embarrassing to America at all…

Watch the Sandman catch the drowsy president unawares:


5) In what we are ranking as his number five gaffe, the confused president attempts to shake hands with thin air. Immediately after concluding a speech, Brandon turns to shake hands with…no one. There wasn’t even anyone in the near vicinity. The Gaffe-Master then stands stupefied with his back to the crowd for a prolonged moment before shuffling away. Cringe.

Watch Joe attempt to shake hands with the invisible man here:


4) Biden says the quiet part out loud here, as he reads instructions from the teleprompter. After doing so, he isn’t even cognizant of having read something he wasn’t supposed to say.

Watch the mentally impaired president say, “End of quote, repeat the line,” here:


3) In a major gaffe, Biden word salads and makes up a word to describe America: asdsnfafoothimaaafootafootwhscuseme. He misspeaks so often that the VP and new Supreme Court Justice stand behind him, reactionless. Another day, another presidential gaffe.

Check out Biden’s worst word salad moment here:


2) Either Brandon sees dead people, or his cognitive decline is clearly on display in this clip where he forgets that Congresswoman Jackie Walorski recently died in a car crash. This one is just painful to watch.

Cringe with us while you watch the president look in the audience for a dead member of Congress:


1) In what we think is his number one gaffe, Bumbling Biden falls off his bike while completely stationary. Just like the Energizer Bunny, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking, as he gets up seemingly unhurt. He must have a mineral rich diet for his 80-year-old skeleton to not crumble to dust from falling so frequently.

Watch here to see Joe crash his bike just like he crashed our economy:


Honestly, it was hard to choose just 10 gaffes to highlight. There were so many. And while they are funny, they are also sad, because they remind us that someone who needs nursing home level care is purportedly running the country. In the next two years, we’re sure there will be many more gaffes as the president’s mental faculties continue to deteriorate. We’ll continue to laugh and then we’ll vote him out. LFG!

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