The Definitive Patriotic Trucker Hat Guide

The appeal of the trucker hat is hard to deny. They keep the sun out of your eyes while still letting the wind blow against your hair. Or, for the hair follicly challenged, they keep the sun off your scalp. Because of the unpretentious origins the trucker hat, they retain a down-to-earth quality that is effortlessly cool. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably shopping for a new trucker hat. Even if you don’t think you’re in the market for a new trucker hat, you’ll probably want one by the time you finish reading this post. Either way, join us as we share a little history on the trucker hat, talk about the hat’s design and how to wear one, and offer up some killer shopping suggestions for trucker hats that you probably can’t be without.

The trucker hat design as we know it has been around since the early 1970s. These hats were given to truck drivers, farmers, and other rural workers as promotional items from tractor, farming, and feed supply companies. Trucker hats were also known as “feed hats” or “gimme caps”. These companies involved soon began to realize the advertising potential with these promotional hats as their popularity increased. Trucker hats were inexpensive to produce and the large front panel made for an ideal head-sized billboard on which to display company logos. Everyone is familiar with the classic John Deere hat, right?

Trucker hats are constructed of a wide and tall stiff front panel generally made of foam. This material is ideal for absorbing the brow sweat generated by hard work on a hot day, while the mesh back half of the hat is breathable. A wide bill keeps the sun out of the eyes and off the face. The snapback makes the hat adjustable so that one size fits most. The original way to wear the hat is to shape the bill so that it curves across the forehead, though a more recent trend involves leaving the bill completely flat. Hmmm. We are going to pass on that, along with leaving stickers or price tags on hats. A trucker hat should be more about function than “fashion”.

There are a few ways to wear a trucker hat. Forward-facing and pulled down on your head is the traditional way. Wearing the hat a little higher on the head (but still forward-facing) works as well; this look is a little more country or rural-chic. Those with longer hair can make use of the opening at the back to pull the hair through (ponytail optional). A trucker had can also be worn backwards, which is a bit more casual and it also a great way to keep hair out of one’s face. We suggest avoiding wearing the trucker hat sideways. We are trucker hat traditionalist, and think that trucker hat orientation should be kept to 180 degrees with respect to the face. 

The comfort and practicality of trucker hats has made them part of an honest, down-to-earth American uniform; they are certainly associated with classic Americana. More recently, they have been adopted by Hollywood and rock stars as fashion and status symbols. First in the early 2000s by the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton (who can forget the ubiquitous Von Dutch trucker hat), and again starting last year by supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid as well as Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. But here at Patriots Cave, we don’t care about the hype surrounding trucker hats, or who is wearing what in Hollyweird. We like trucker hats because of the farmers and truckers who made them popular; we are supporters of the same workingman values as the original 1970s trucker hat crew, and if the hat is comfortable, practical, and displays the right message, then we wear it.

You asked some trucker hat questions, and we have some trucker hat answers. Read on:

Q: Are trucker hats in style 2022?

A: Yes. Yes, they are. From a trend perspective, they are back in style. But from a traditional, salt of the earth trucker hat wearer perspective, they never went out of style. Either way, you’re good to go.


Q: What is a trucker hat called? Why do they call trucker hats?

A: Ummmm, a trucker hat is called…a trucker hat. Was this a trick question? They also used to be referred to as feed caps or gimme hats, because they were often made by feed supply companies and were given away as promotional items. Truck drivers were often the recipients of these promotional items, hence the name trucker hat.


Q: What makes a trucker hat a trucker hat? What makes a hat a trucker hat?

A: The style and construction of the hat is what makes it a trucker hat. Foam (or firm material) business in the front, mesh party in the back.


Q: What is the point of a trucker hat?

A: Originally the point was advertising in the form of forehead sized billboards for the companies that produced the hats, and a free hat for the person wearing the hat. There is also the ancillary point of head coverage, standard with any similar hat. Further, a final point is the style of the hat and what it means to the wearer. Are you looking to wear a trucker hat with style? This one has timeless style with a classic American flag design:



Q: What do trucker hats mean?

A: Trucker hats generally mean what they say and say what they mean. Our Don’t Blame Me hat is a great example of this. So if you mean what this hat says, we say you should get his hat.



Q: What’s the deal with trucker hats?

A: They are 100% percent American, and along with the cowboy hat and the hardhat they constitute the daily headwear for the people who keep this country running.


Q: How should a trucker hat fit?

A: First and foremost, trucker hat fit is about comfort. The snapback allows for you to adjust the size for your comfort, and so that that hat fits the circumference of your head, unless you are in possession of an enormous cranium or you have a pinhead. And by pinhead we mean a small head, not a head like Pinhead from Hellraiser…he’ll never get a trucker hat to fit comfortably over all those pins in his head. But if he could, Pinhead would wear this hat for sure:



Q: How to wear a trucker hat?

A: We recommend wearing a trucker hat on your head. For more specifics, please see the paragraph above that details the ways to wear a trucker hat.


Q: Can you wash trucker hats? How to wash a trucker hat? How to clean a trucker hat?

A: The best way to wash trucker hats is by hand. This is the best option to preserve the color and shape, especially for hats with a structured crown. A good method involves filling a sink or small tub with water and add a couple of drops of soap or mild laundry detergent and then soaking the hat for 10 minutes and then rinsing. If there are stains on your hat, try applying soap directly to the stain and then rinsing under the shower head.


Q: How to reshape a trucker hat?

A: Sounds like you learned the hard way not to fold your hat, put it bill first into your back pocket, and then sit down. But no need to worry, all you need to do is reshape your hat. Fill a tea kettle with water (a pot will work as well) and then heat it to a boil on the stove. Once you have steam, hold your hat in the path of the steam (careful, don’t give yourself a steam burn) and allow the steam to permeate the cap both on the inside as well as the outside. Once your hat is soft and warm, you can start reshaping it. Repeat this process as necessary. You can also place your hat in the shower (out of the path of water) and steam it that way as well. Another method that works is lightly dampen your hat and place it on a ball of the correct size (a youth sized soccer ball is generally the right fit), and allow the hat to dry.


Q: What is the difference between snapback and trucker hats? Can you explain the difference between trucker hat vs snapback?

A: A snapback refers to the fastening mechanism on the back of the hat, which is two plastic strips, one with holes and the other with little raised plastic clips, which snap into the holes on the other strip of plastic to form a closure. So technically a trucker hat is a snapback. But caps sold as “snapback hats” tend to be made of cotton twill and have 6 panels with a wide, flat peak. A trucker has one or two panels made in the front and always has mesh in the back, and generally has a snapback.


Q: What is the different between a trucker hat and a baseball cap?

A: Baseball caps originated as part of a baseball player uniform, though for many years they have been decorated with many designs other than a just baseball team name or logo. They are usually constructed with six triangular shaped sections and have a fabric-covered button on top (called a squatchee). Baseball caps have a slightly curved bill and eyelets or metal grommets can be found near the top of the cap, which are for ventilation. Originally baseball caps were all fitted and only came in standard sizes up until 1980. Subsequent to 1980, baseball caps also became available with a snapback. A trucker cap is generally foam in the front and mesh on the sides and back, and typically has a snapback. Wow, that was a lot of detail on hat styles – you’re welcome, we just saved you from consulting Reddit to obtain answers to those burning questions.


Q: Why do trucker hats have mesh? Where to get mesh trucker hats?

A: The mesh is for breathability, so that the wearer can stay cool (literally, as well as looking cool by wearing an awesome mesh backed trucker hat). Mesh is a defining feature of trucker hats, so you can’t get a mesh-free trucker hat. A great place to get a mesh trucker hat is right here at Patriot’s Cave, thanks for asking.


Q: What is the rope for on trucker hats?

A: If you are referring to the braided rope/string on some trucker hats that goes across where the back of the bill meets the lower front base of the hat, well that’s a good question. And the answer is: the world may never know. But it’s probably just there for aesthetic purposes…it’s a stylistic choice if you like a little design flair.


Q: What is the best trucker hat brand? What are some good trucker hat brands? Where can I find the best trucker hats? What about the best trucker hats 2022?

A: We’re a little modest, but you did come to us for answers so…we think our hats are some of the best. We get compliments on this one all the time:



Q: Where to get trucker hats? Where can I get high quality trucker hats?

A: Right here at Patriot’s Cave. Oh look, you’ve come to the right place. Hi, welcome, let’s shop: Patriot's Cave Patriotic Trucker Hats Collection


Q: Where can I get trucker hats for women. What is the best way for girls to wear a trucker hat? I’m looking for trucker hat women, can you help me?

A: Woah, that seems like three separate questions, but don’t worry, we got this. Get your trucker hats for women right here at Patriot’s Cave. Here is one that is popular with women:



There are several ways for girls to wear a trucker hat. Hair down is one option, and whether your hair is curly or straight, it’s all good. Hair pulled through the back into a ponytail is another option. Trucker hats are great on the days you want to skip washing your hair, so that’s an option, too.


If you’re looking for trucker hat women, our best advice is to put on a trucker hat, go out, and see which women you attract. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some trucker hat women. Good luck.


Q: Where is a good place to get trucker hats for men?

A: Fellas, our answer is the same as it is for the ladies. Get your trucker hats here at Patriot’s Cave. We’ve got a variety of options and each style comes in multiple colors, so shop our site and find which one you like best. This hat is popular with a lot of men:



Q: I’m looking for a vintage trucker hat, where can I get one? Where to get vintage trucker hats?

A: Might we suggest a trucker hat with a vintage dating back to 1789. 1789 you ask? Yes, the year that the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution was a rare vintage, one you should celebrate with our 2A 1789 hat. No need to bother shopping for vintage trucker hats on Amazon, when you get one commemorating the vintage that brought us the right to bear arms here at Patriot’s Cave.


Q: Where can I get designer trucker hats?

A: We think you meant, “Where can I get well designed trucker hats?” Great question, we’ve got some really well designed options. This design is fantastic:



Q: Please help me find trendy trucker hats. What are some trendy trucker hats in 2022?

A: If you are a patriot and have America first conservative values, nothing is more trendy right now that a hat that says that for you. Combine that with the trendy catch phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”, and you’ll really capture the checkered flag.



Q: Can you help me find a cool trucker hat?

A: Sure can. This hat is pretty f’ing cool because 2A is the coolest.



Q: Any idea where I can get a custom trucker hat?

A: You know what’s better than a custom trucker hat? A trucker hat that is perfect for you, but that you can order as is and have it quickly delivered. We have an idea where you can get one of those…try here:



Q: I’m having a tough time finding a black trucker hat that I really like, can you help?

A: As it turns out, all of our hat designs come with a black front panel and white mesh, or a dark gray front panel and black mesh. Problem solved.


Q: Any funny trucker hat suggestions?

A: You bet, we’ve got some of the funniest trucker hats we’ve ever seen. Trump peeing on Biden is really funny (even funnier than Biden peeing on himself, which has probably happened). And clever rhymes are always funny. 

These two hats are downright hilarious:



Q: 80s trucker hats?

A: Okay, not exactly a question. We take it you are looking for a trucker hat from the 80s. Well how about a hat that is a throwback to the 1780s. One might argue that was the best 80s decade ever, because it brough us the right to bear arms. So get your 2A 1789 hat and pay tribute to the most important 80s decade.

We’re going to close this one out with a little tribute to the people who made trucker hats popular: truck drivers. Be careful out there on the big road (interstate) and be sure not to get a bear bite (speeding ticket) from a full-grown bear (state trooper). Stay in the granny lane (the right, slower lane on a multi-lane highway) so you can save on motion lotion (diesel fuel). Keep your roller skate (any small car) between the ditches (have a safe trip) and watch out for road pizza (roadkill)!

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