Democrats Who Might Run in 2024

We’ve got our eyes on 2024 and we can’t wait to swap out the person in the Oval Office for someone who puts America first (and is cognitively all there). Today we are taking a look at the top Democrat contenders for the top office in 2024. We obviously have our favorites and none of them are on this list (check out our post featuring top Republican presidential contenders), but here is a list of the Democrat front runners:

Joe Biden

Unfortunately, we have to start things off with the nursing home escapee currently (and most unfortunately) holding office. Joseph Robinette Biden. Some people make it into advanced old age while keeping all their marbles. Some people. Not this guy. Somehow clearly being able to pass some sort of mental fitness qualification is not a barrier to becoming president. It’s hard to imagine how mentally impaired Sleepy Joe will be six years from now towards the end of a second term, as he is clearly suffering from a degenerative condition. Actually, given his advanced age it’s hard to imagine that Sleepy Joe won’t be taking an eternal dirt nap six years from now. So why? Why? Why would anyone with any sense vote for a candidate with increasingly severe dementia? Why vote in someone who won’t make it through all four years? And for the love of God, why him again? Biden has failed Americans and thrown us into a recession. The worst part is that his failure seems to be calculated – he’s doing this to us on purpose. His only appeal to Dems in 2020 was that he wasn’t Trump. A vote for a second term for Biden is actually a vote for whoever runs with him on his ticket. He’ll kick the bucket and they’ll end up running the country.

Biden has committed to running for a second term, walked it partially back, and walked it back out again. At this point we don’t know if he’s running again. At this point, he doesn’t know if he’s running again. He seems to want to run, but the more unpopular he is, the more the rest of his party distances itself from him. Will the powers that be in the Democrat party allow him to run again is the question…

Kamala Harris

We had to include her because she is the current VP, but dear Lord help us if Kamala is the Democrat nominee. She has nothing to say and a long-winded, convoluted, repetitive way of saying it. There would be no way to know any of the tenets of her political platform, and even when she attempted to explain them, no one would have any idea what she was saying. Interestingly, she hasn’t committed to being Biden’s VP if he runs for a second term – or rather she’s responded to this question by sort of committing, and then responding in a non-committal, vague way. Her best shot at the top office is running with Biden again and waiting for him to croak. In terms of a presidential bid on her own, she is even more reviled than Biden, so she feels like a non-starter, but hey – Dems be crazy. So she remains a possibility.

Liz Cheney

Yes, we know, this list of possibilities keeps getting worse. And yes, we know that she’s technically a Republican, but come on. The term RINO was invented for Liz. She actually voted with the Dems to impeach Trump, so she’s hardly even a RINO. She’s definitely not for us to the extent that it’s become clear that she’s against us – that’s why we are including her on our list of Democrats. We don’t want her in our party, she’s absolutely not one of us, and there is just no way she can run as a Conservative. Liz recently lost the Republican primary for Wyoming’s seat in the House of Representatives (she lost to a Trump-backed challenger). It’s a mystery to us why people who fail to get elected for lesser offices think they should not only attempt keep going in politics, but shoot for the moon. Liz, it’s not happening. But sure, keep talking about it, and keep comparing yourself to Lincoln. You’re not embarrassing yourself with that at all…

Stacey Abrams

Yeah, not happening. She’s 0-2 in her bid to become the Governor of Georgia. Georgia didn’t want you. Twice. And the rest of the country isn’t going to want you either. Next?

Elizabeth Warren

Warren ran for president in 2020, but ended up in third place in the Democrat primary pack. A former law professor at Harvard, she was labeled as too progressive by many voters leading up to the 2020 election. A firm proponent of “student loan forgiveness”, Warren recently went viral for telling a hard-working dad who scrimped and saved to put his child through college without debt that yes, his neighbor who frittered money away and didn’t save would benefit from the program while those who worked extra shifts and went without would get nothing. Lovely. She has stated that she is focused on Senate reelection and not thinking about the presidency, which probably means that if Biden doesn’t run again, she just might.

Bernie Sanders

Is anyone still feeling the Bern? Really, at this point, it’s more like smoldering embers... Bernie, who has run for president twice already (in 2016 and 2020), will be 83 come election day in 2024. His advanced age would be a significant challenge with respect to a third presidential bid. While he has had strong appeal with a number of Democrat voters, his democratic socialist views have not made him very popular nationwide. He has stated that he will not challenge Biden, should Biden run again.

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg is another Democrat with a failed presidential run under his belt. He did worse than Elizabeth Warren, coming in fifth in the 2020 Democrat primary pack. After dropping out of the race, he quickly endorsed Biden, a calculated move that landed Buttigieg the job as the Secretary of Transportation in the Biden administration. The highest (and only) elected office he has held is mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Mayor Pete is a proponent of electric vehicles, and brushed aside criticism that during a recent power grid emergency in California, when residents were instructed not to charge their EVs. Buttigieg has a goal of 50% of vehicles on the market being electric by 2030, which as Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) pointed out, can not be sustained by the country’s electrical grid, even with planned improvements. Political strategists have deemed Buttigieg the most likely replacement for Joe Biden. Okay.

Gavin Newsom

California is a disaster and Newsom wants to bring his destructive brand of leadership to the entire country. Despite going through a recall election as the Governor of California, he radiates smug. Newsom is famous for locking his state down and forcing masks, while he attended a party at a fancy restaurant, mask-free. Newsom’s policies during Covid led to a population decline as California residents fled the state to regain their freedom and to escape the serious crime and homeless drug encampments. In an act of pure class, during his recent reelection bid for California Governor, Newsom aired TV ads targeting Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. Meanwhile Newsom’s in-laws fled from California to Florida during Covid and have donated money to the DeSantis campaign. That says a lot right there. They seem to agree that America needs none of what Newsom has to offer.

Gretchen Whitmer

Like Newsom, Whitmer is another “rules for thee, but not for me” lockdown tyrant. Photos of this hypocrite emerged during the lockdowns she imposed in Michigan in which she was captured violating her own draconian policies. Whitmer did just win a second term victory as the Governor of Michigan. That’s a head-scratcher to us, but we probably just love liberty more than the Democrat voters in Michigan.


Sweet baby Jesus, save us all. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will turn 35 three months before Inauguration Day in 2025, making her just eligible to run. But should she run? Anyone who has arduously suffered through listening to AOC speak can answer this one. She is someone who seems like she could benefit from decades and decades more life experience. AOC has aligned herself with democratic socialism, which has made her enemy number one to Conservatives and a threat to more moderate Dems. She is strong on social media and loves to gab with to her followers while picking apart and eating chicken fingers, but she needs to work on her grasp of actual politics. AOC is definitely an aspiring actress, as she recently pretended to be arrested while protesting the recent Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Speaking of social media, AOC loves to engage with Elon Musk on Twitter, and attempts to go twit-for-tat with him even though he effortlessly outclasses her intellectually (and has much better sense of humor than her), and she just ends up embarrassing herself. AOC behaving in a manner in which she humiliates herself is really just a preview of her ongoing public image with regard to her future in politics. Sadly, she was just reelected to another term in the House of Representatives. But a presidential run at this point seems highly unlikely and seriously ill-advised.

Without the expected red wave materializing during the 2022 midterms, things are even more up in the air with respect to whether Biden will run again. His approval rating is in the toilet, but reality has never stood in the way for Senile Joe. It likely depends on his health status, and whether whoever makes his decisions for him allows him to run. Along with the rest of America, we’ll keep an eye on the situation to see how it pans out. We’re optimistic that it won’t matter who the Democrat nominee is as the only thing that matters is who ends up in the Oval Office, and after four disastrous years, we’re betting on an America-first Conservative who can turn things around.


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