An Unmitigated Disaster: Defunding The Police

The defund the police movement has been an unmitigated disaster. As those of us whose common sense prevailed throughout the summer of 2020 have known all along, a strong police presence is necessary not only to apprehend criminals, but to deter them from committing crimes as well. People who break the law are opportunists and a diminished police presence has created plenty of opportunity. President Trump knew it when on June 8, 2020 he tweeted, “LAW & ORDER, NOT DEFUND AND ABOLISH THE POLICE. The radical Left Democrats have gone Crazy!” By November of 2021 things were so bad that CNN reported, “Even Democrats in Washington are now admitting that ‘Defund the Police’ was a massive mistake.” Now even Biden and Crypt Keeper Nancy Pelosi have had a collective senior moment where they have misremembered their previous support of the Black Lives Matter inspired Defund the Police movement. Biden is now advocating funding the police and Pelosi has stated, “Defund the police is dead.” And as the Crypt Keeper, she should know what’s dead. Because we aren’t completely rotten, horribly corrupt career politicians, and because like living in a country where theft isn’t rampant and junkies don’t get high in downtown areas and then evacuate their bowels on the sidewalk, we solidly back the blue. Bring back our police, arrest the criminals, and get the junkies off the street. 

It's been two years since the summer of 2020 and in Democrat run cities that slashed police budgets crime is still up. Way up. 70% of American voters believe that violent crime is still increasing across America. American’s feel less safe and have been forced to take matters into their own hands. In Beverly Hills, California, violent crime is up 25%. Residents are now carrying brands like Colt and Glock instead of Chanel and Gucci. Smash and grab crimes are plaguing Democrat helmed cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Major cities along the West coast are riddled with homeless encampments – tent cities of vagrants and drug addicts are blighting once vibrant areas. After pledging to cut $80 million from Chicago’s police budget in 2020, mayor Lori Lightfoot can’t seem to stop the murderers from murdering; more than 3500 shootings occurred in 2021. We meet some residents of Seattle who were visiting Salem, MA for Halloween in 2021 and they encouraged us to wait a few years before visiting their city, telling us that “things aren’t good right now.” Curious what downtown San Francisco looks like? Shoutout to journalist Savanah Hernandez for providing us with illuminating footage. Click here to see the horrific extent of the drug problem and learn about the “fentanyl crawl”, and click here to learn about her visit to the city and see the sorry state of the feces covered sidewalks.

Experiencing the explosion in crime and witnessing the extent of the drug use in public has made us so much more grateful to the men and women in blue. Thanks to them (and prior to police budgets being slashed), those things weren’t issues like they are now. Blue lives are incredibly important, and a great way to let them know is with a Blue Lives Matter Yard Sign or Blue Lives Matter Magnet. The thin blue line truly does keep society from descending into violent chaos. Let all those Antifa supporting liberals know you back the blue by wearing your Thin Blue Line Flag T-Shirt or by slapping a Thin Blue Line Magnet on their car. Invite some friends in law enforcement over for a drink and toast to Law and Order with our Thin Blue Line Flag Pint and Whiskey glasses. We miss America’s Law and Order president and his tweets that blasted those who are weak on crime. Cheers to #45 and his support of the police.

Do you live in a city where rioting and looting happened in the wake of the death of George Floyd? How have things progressed since the summer of 2020 where you live? Do you live in a city that wisely valued and preserved their police force rather than defunding them? We want to send our heartfelt thanks to all the men and women who dedicate their careers to keeping us safe and protecting our homes and businesses. Let us know how grateful you are for your local law enforcement.

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