Who Are the GOP MVPs? 5 Young Republican Rising Stars to Watch

Donald J. Trump can do only so much on his own. He needs the support of smart, loyal, savvy, and capable lieutenants running the party. Here are five young Republican rising stars who are doing just that and setting the stage for a conservative takeover in America.

Charlie Kirk

If you are a Trumper, you probably already know the likes of Charlie Kirk. The President has shared the stage with the young man and endorsed his activism by frequently retweeting posts by the founder of Turning Point USA.

Through TPUSA, Kirk has taken the fight for free speech and conservative ideas on college campuses straight to the liberal academics who want him silenced. TPUSA has hundreds of chapters all across the country. Through their work, college students still have a chance to come into contact with real, true, red-blooded conservative ideas in the noxiously liberal environments of college campuses.

Christian Walker

He’s black. He’s gay. He’s conservative. He doesn’t care who knows it, as long as who knows it is everyone in America. 

He vocally welcomed the end of June, Gay Pride month, because he couldn’t wait for July, American Pride month. 

You can see him give his trademark Starbucks-drive-through rants against all things liberal. In a single breath, he rails against socialism and orders a venti almond milk latte with three shots of espresso and extra pumps of vanilla. Now that’s talent!

Not to mention, his father, Herschel Walker, is planning a U.S. Senate race to unseat corrupt Democrat Raphael Warnock. The younger Walker’s new podcast, Uncancellable, is the number one most-listened-to podcast in the world right now.

Donald Trump, Jr.

Make no mistake. The Trumps belong in the Republican Party, and the Republican Party needs a Trump in command. 

Like a loyal son and a true patriot, Donald Trump, Jr. has covered his father’s six since day one. Be it in the person of a member of the Trump Organization, running the Presidential campaign, or advocating for Administration policy pushes, Junior has fought tooth and nail for his father’s priorities.

He’s young, he’s charismatic, he’s a conservative, he’s a Trump. The younger Don is a shoe-in for one to watch as a conservative and lover of America.

Stephanie Bice

In 2018, reliably red Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District elected a blazingly blue Democrat by the name of Kendra Horn to the House of Representatives.

Republicans in the state warned their fellow Oklahomans that the supposedly moderate Horn was a Trojan Horse for the AOC wing of the Democrat Party. And, boy, were they right. Horn voted the Democrat Party line with Nancy Pelosi on damn near every bill that came to the floor between 2018 and 2020.

Then Miss Bice stepped in to show the state how conservative women take care of business. Since then, Bice has been a continual friend of Donald Trump, Oklahomans, and the American people. She is on the forefront of conservative working to bring back the House for real American values.

Josh Hawley

The Right Honorable Mr. Hawley hails from the great state of Missouri, which he represents as its junior Senator.

When backbone has gone missing from the upper chamber of the U.S. Congress, Hawley has always been counted on to stand strong with a stiff upper lip and fight for conservative values.

Hawley has always cut an independent path through the jungle of bloated Washington bureaucracy. Before he was a Senator, he was a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act, which he actually took action to oppose. And since taking office—after handily defeating the socialist Democrat incumbent Claire MacCaskill—Hawley has continued to hold the feet of Big Tech, China, and opioid companies to the fire.

This man is a patriot and a warrior.

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  • Anthony Zopf On

    All good choices to lead us away from the socialist dems!!

  • Judith Krause On

    Great but you forgot a few: Madison Cawthorn , from NC and Marjorie Green Taylor and Dan Crenshaw too!!!! So wonderful to see such strong young conservatives!!!!!

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