Patriots Fight Back and Republicans Clinch Victory in Virginia

Tuesday’s elections delivered a devastating blow to democrats as Republican Glenn Youngkin won back the state seat of governor in Virginia. Just one year ago during the presidential election, President Joe Biden was reported to win the state by 10 points, but this year’s election swung right, leaving many democrats feeling concerned about their declining control and power over American politics.

Youngkin defeated previous governor Terry McAuliffe, who is known as a close ally of the Clinton family. This marked the first statewide Republican victory for Virginia since 2009. It also signaled a turning of the tide, something Patriots have been fighting for since the devastating election night of 2020.

Last year, Biden’s win against Trump in Virginia seemed to signal the state was decidedly steeped in democrat ideology, but presidential poll ratings this year show a different story. Biden is increasingly unpopular in Virginia, and across the nation. Chants of Let’s Go Brandon! are spreading across America, most recently at the World Series this week, when President Trump was filmed laughing at the chanting crowd, obviously pleased and amused by the crowd’s enthusiastic rejection of Biden’s leadership.

Biden’s presidency has undeniably hit a rough patch, with his popularity sinking to all-time lows after a haphazard withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. After Tuesday’s election, democrats should be nervous about what’s coming in the future. The Patriot movement is far from over, despite ongoing attempts to squelch Trump supporters and silence those who would dare to question the current White House narrative.

Yesterday’s election was also a shockingly close call in New Jersey, with the race too close to call so far. Progressives were also undoubtedly disappointed over the vote in Minneapolis, where a ballot measure to replace the Minneapolis Police Department was voted down. This was the city where George Floyd was murdered in 2020 and the woke movement pushed hard for the ballot measure to pass.

After last night’s results rolled in, progressive Democrats were decisively defeated and division between the centrist and progressives has never been more obvious. If the democratic party can’t come together and agree on a collective agenda, then the Republicans are likely to reclaim control of Congress next year during the midterm elections.

As the sun rose this morning, a new hope swept across America. While democrats might still hold control of Congress and the White House, this era will come to an end. True American patriots simply won’t stand for the woke, socialist agenda. Yesterday’s elections were just a small preview of what next year’s midterm elections may look like in states nationwide.

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