Small Arms Fighting a Military Superpower

In a June 23, 2021 speech on gun crime prevention strategy, President Biden scoffed at the notion that Americans could use assault weapons to defend themselves against tyrannical government overreach when he said, “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” That statement should immediately alarm constitutionalists, freedom-loving Americans, and all those who don’t want to be nuked into oblivion by a senile octogenarian. It sounds like basement-dwelling Biden is telling the American people that they are militarily outmatched by their own government and as such there isn’t a point in standing their ground against tyranny.

If it were true that semi-automatic weapons are useless against an army equipped with more powerful artillery, then why did KelTec, a Floria-based firearms manufacturer, send 400 semi-automatic rifles to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense? These weapons donated by KelTec and other gun manufacturers will be delivered to the front lines to arm those ready to join the fight. Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production at KelTec noted, “The people of Ukraine have had mostly just civilian firearms and they’re holding off a superpower.” Lyin’ Biden would like the folks here at home to overlook the fact that civilian weapons are useful against government military grade power. Further highlighting this contradiction, The White House has authorized sending weapons from US stocks to Ukraine, most notably small arms. Small arms can include not only assault rifles, but even revolvers and pistols, which certainly can’t take down F-15s, but obviously these weapons serve a purpose when it comes to taking on a government.

The Second Amendment was adopted in 1791 as a means of keeping federal power in check through the existence of an armed militia, and in a 2008 ruling The Supreme Court affirmed the rights of individual citizens to possess firearms. For the sitting President of the United States to attempt to mislead us about the utility of semi-automatic weapons against government power is inexcusable. Suggesting that fully exercising our Second Amendment right would be futile is more sinister and deeply un-American. The spirit of the Second Amendment prevails in the hearts of patriots nationwide, and if the day comes, we will take up arms against those who attempt to usurp our liberties. Just as the Ukrainian people are defending themselves with civilian weapons, so too will we. What Sleepy Joe fails to understand is that We The People ARE a militia of armed citizens who understand that we have all the freedoms for which we are willing to fight, and will do so just like the citizen militia of Ukraine, until our final breath.

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