The P Party – What Are They Packing?

They are at it again; those whiny ass losers on the left can't seem to live by the same rules everyone else plays by. We see it every time they don't get their way; the petulant toddler pitching a hissy fit in the candy aisle.

We saw it in 2016, and we have watched time and again for years as Democrats and all their lefty minions attempt to change the rules every time they lose. We are subjected to endless wailing, handwringing, and hyperventilating as they claim to be the only "just cause" worthy of consideration.


What do they do when President Trump gets his third Supreme Court pick? More of the same, of course.


From the moment RGB notoriously succumbed to age and illness, these clowns began barking about Packing the Supreme Court! We should not be surprised; it's not the first time Democrats have threatened us with this.

These Woke Social Justice Democratic Socialists, whose entire lives orbit around their ideologies, have no limits and have no shame in their pursuit of power.


You could call today's Democrats "The P Party."


Here are some of the reasons that the name fits:

1-Project; do we even need to explain this one?

2- Piss and moan: every time they don't get their way (similar to number 1)

3-Pout; about every little thing they don't like and the Constitution.

4-Propagandize; make it up and send it to the mainstream Goebbels machine.

5-Panic; (this is a two-for) any remote threat to their power causes them to panic and make some of the most hideous decisions ever.
Also, lefties use all the above to instill public panic and play the hero,

6-Pretend; liberals always pretend to care, have the people's interests at heart, and be the smartest people in Washington DC (or even the universe).

7-Packing; specifically, the Supreme Court, but there's more.


Packing does indeed seem to be a specialty of this new Far Left Democrat Socialist Cabal. It has become one of their favorite tools to eliminate challengers.

They packed the intelligence community with Russian misinformation provided by Hillary Clinton.

Their co-conspirators packed a FISA application with the same falsehoods and more.

Shifty Schiff and Crazy Nancy packed their secret impeachment hearings with partisan hacks and deep state operatives.

The Mainstream Narrative Media packs the pages and airwaves with spin, unsubstantiated stories, and bald-faced lies.

Liberals and Democrats are packing The Narrative Networks with partisan talking heads to further their deceptions.

Nancy Pelosi packs everything she can into each relief bill to expand their liberal agenda and maintain a crisis for political advantage.

Our schools and universities are packed with socialist professors and administrators.

But most of all, Democrats are packing Congress with Socialist Democrats and far-left legislation, a clear and present danger to our freedoms.


Patriots Are Packing Too


With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dems are claiming President Trump is packing the court with his unprecedented three nominations. Another sore spot for the left is the failure of Barack Obama to do his job, leaving over 140 federal judgeships for President Trump to fill.

Now, these crybabies are whining that filling these vacant seats is somehow court-packing. It is understandable how they can say this because they base their reactions and policies on feelings and empathy, not reason or law.


But, it's not just the courts where conservatives are packing positive ideas and creating positive outcomes.

We are packing the voter rolls with new registrations.

American patriots pack all their enthusiasm and energy into supporting President Donald J Trump and his agenda, our agenda.

Conservatives pack their lives with faith, integrity to their ideals, patriotism, and love of country, along with a commitment to doing what's right.

Patriots everywhere are packing the positive power of American Exceptionalism and liberty.

Proud Americans want to pack 2020 away with an undeniable, indisputable, and overwhelming vote to support America and President Donald J Trump.


The good thing about 2020 is that it will end on December 31, Thankfully.

The really great thing about 2020 has yet to come to pass; four more years of President Donald Trump. A second term for the greatest president in the history of America should be enough to send The Swamp packing.
Many have already packed their bags.

A 6 to 3, conservative: liberal Supreme Court will send lefty litigators packing and Democrat legislators packing for school (they will need to bone up on the Constitution).


So, in just under a week, every loyal American patriot, Democrat, liberal, libertarian, and certainly conservative has the opportunity to send these fakers and cheaters packing.

Let’s send a YUGE, LOUD STFU to the Dems and their media propaganda machine on November 3; let’s do this!


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