The Last Debate and the Hidden Voter

Not surprisingly, the Narrative Media and their accompanying polls consistently show Sleepy Joe with a solid lead nationwide; It's Déjà vu all over again (thanks, Yogi).

Our corrupt ex-vice president saw his lead increase after the first debate and remains ahead in the polls despite his lackluster, clock-watching final debate performance.

Where the first debate was like a bare-knuckled brawl, the second and last debate, while heated, was generally civil. But, there was an 8000-pound gorilla on the stage (that's right, 8000, not 800).

In the notably bizarre and surreal year of 2020, even presidential debates can be upstaged. This was certainly the case in the final Trump/Biden confrontation.


As if all his blunders, mumbling, and bunkering down wasn't enough, his candidacy became even more of a joke as he attempted to match up with Trump on the stage. But, the real damage suffered by the Biden campaign was self-inflicted and long-running.

Minutes before the debate began, a former business partner of the Biden's held a press conference for the White House press corps and explained how Biden Inc. had tried to use him in one of their corrupt schemes with China. Of course, this is just another Russian gambit to meddle in our elections… isn't it?

It appears there may be quite a few more individuals who had similar associations with Biden Inc. who might rather spill the beans than take the fall; time will tell.

All the smart people in The Narrative Media, the Democrat Party, and the Deep State assure us that this is all a smear based on Russian misinformation. As with every impropriety on the left, the American press has zero interest in the story. In fact, they are actively working to censor it and make it go away.

But it's too late; the toilet has overflowed and the shit is on Joe's hands.


It is hard to imagine that many Americans are truly undecided about their vote in this upcoming election. President Trump obviously came out on top in the debate, but how many minds did he win over?

Actually, that might not be the right question.


After Sleepy Joe's debate performance and lack of transparency about everything from court-packing to his questionable dealings around the world, the real question is how many votes Biden lost.

Deleting the entire oil industry, including fracking, more lockdowns, higher taxes, and the same old lies about healthcare, most likely did an excellent job of turning off many voters. Beyond that, the constant drip of corruption coming out of the hard drive on Hunter’s Laptop from Hell debunks Biden’s nice guy, civility argument entirely.

After watching President Trump tie Beijing Joe up like a pretzel, many Biden voters may stay home or switch sides. Those who do switch sides will fall into that murky demographic of the hidden Trump vote.


Who Are the Hidden Trump Voters?

Like a demon lurking in the wings, these hidden Trump voters are the Democrats' bane. They cannot comprehend who these people might be any more now than in 2016. Astonishingly they still haven't figured out what happened to them in the last election.



Most of the secret Trump voters this time are the same demographic as the last. In 2016 Trump supporters understood the stakes and his message. But other conservative voters did not trust him and did not vote for him in 2016. Those Americans will all cast their vote for President Trump this time.

Still, these are not the much talked about invisible Trump voters.


We have seen it for years, and it was on full display (and still is in some places) throughout this last summer; Democrats and lefties rioting and looting under the guise of protests. Liberals will boycott, form massive marches, pay people to attend the demonstrations and anything they can do to create chaos in their efforts to get their way.

Conservatives just don't do this. We are more prone to the live and let live, leave me alone mindset.

Most Americans tend to avoid politics, keep their head down, stay out of other people's business, and don't inflict their viewpoint on others; Conservatives fall into this category.

When was the last time you organize or attended a protest rally or riot?

That vast swath of the US population who mind their own business also rarely, if ever, vote.

Well, it's 2020, and that is all changing.


The Real Hidden Vote

These Americans who keep to themselves and live their American dream do not like to be told what to do. They love their country and their life. They feel that as long as they are left alone, they are not interested in joining all the arguments.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, their radical leftist ideas and behaviors are blatantly and forcefully announcing that they will disrupt and replace the American dream. In other words, they are proclaiming that if elected, they are coming for them; the Left is threatening their way of life.

There are an awful lot of these folks in our country, fellow patriots who simply want to live the free life our Constitution guarantees. They are not about to let Crazy Nancy, Crying Chuck, Adam Schiff For Brains, The Squad, or Sleepy Joe steal their liberties.

The Democrats and their lefty friends have been poking this tiger for nearly 5 years now; bad idea.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

As of the moment, over 50 million Americans have turned in their ballots. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for every American patriot to cast their vote in 2020.

The insanity and irrational behavior of the Democrat Party and their far-left minions have made it perfectly clear for the last four years that they fear Donald Trump intensely. Their nonstop fabrications and attacks have shown them to be self-serving overlords in waiting.

From the Green New Deal to Medicare for All, packing the court, and all the far-left policies espoused by the Democrat party and the far left have made their intentions for America's future abundantly clear.

We need not guess any longer.


From the first American patriots of The Revolution to the hundreds of thousands who fought to save The Union and later save the world from fascism, loyal American Patriots have put it all on the line for us and America's future.

The very least we can do as modern-day Patriots is to perform our duty as citizens and vote. The Left holds all the cards in media, entertainment, and billionaires who want their way; are we going to let them win?

On November 3, let's Crush the Resistance and end this liberal/socialist insanity and their attacks on our freedoms.


VOTE, small word BIG IMPACT.


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