Gifts for Him 2020 Edition

The leaves have turned color, the clocks have turned back time, No Touch Halloween has passed, and turkey dinner is on the horizon.

This can mean only one thing, the gift-giving season is now underway.

Always conscious of our customers’ needs, Patriots Cave has taken the time to put together a shortlist of eight unique gift ideas for that man in the picture. Whether spouse, sibling, SO, kids, grandparents, or friends, there is sure to be something here to make that day of celebration one to remember.

Here is our list of suggestions, in no particular order.


1- We the People – 11-ounce whiskey glass

These three simple words, We the People, are undeniably three of the most powerful words to be written in human history.

Every patriot will appreciate this beautiful reminder of the real power source in the United States of America. In an age when so many seem not to understand the significance of these words, he will cherish this sentiment.


2- I Lubricate My Gun with Liberal Tears – pint glass

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…

Give a little mirth to that special Second Amendment loving man in your life. With their apparent lack of humor, the sarcasm will be lost on liberals, and he may fool them into believing the narrative; they can be so predictable.

This is the perfect vessel for that frosty 16-ounce winter ale or bold and spicy seasonal Porter. You will definitely be on target with this one.


3- Quarantine and Drink – .308 bullet glass

With a nod towards the newest and longest-running drinking game in the history of mankind, The Wuhan Virus Lockdown Quarantine and Drink Game, our 10-ounce.308 Bullet Whiskey Glass is a 2020 favorite and the perfect gift for any freedom-loving patriot.

All bullets are US-made, free of lead, gunpowder, and are entirely safe and non-toxic.


4- One Nation Under God – .50 cal bottle opener 

This classy bottle opener is created with a real military fired .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun bullet. Don’t worry, it’s safely decommissioned and residue-free; plus, it is available in either traditional brass or black. Add to all of that our national proclamation “One Nation under God,” and you have a winning combination and the ideal gift for that special guy.


5- Useless Governor – Face masks

Sometimes the best gift is one that can be used every day, a necessity of life. Necessity… The plea for every infringement of human freedom, according to William Pitt, the younger. If nothing else, the age of China virus lockdowns and mask mandates have shown this to be absolutely true.

Give your guy a dynamic duo of the patriotic American flag and a proclamation about your useless governor (or choose from our many other designs) for his enjoyment and necessity.


6- Proud to Back the Blue – yard sign

We owe much to the brave men and women who wear the blue every day to serve and protect our communities, friends, family, and neighbors. Without them, America would become something very different and dangerous.

Give that special man this bold and colorful yard sign. Let him give law enforcement the gift of his support for all of their efforts and commitment.


7- My Gun is Not a Threat Unless You Are - Nordic Mug

It is a fact that a nice hot buttered rum or Irish coffee is an inevitable choice during the chilly holiday season. You may disagree, but in this house we love our 2nd Amendment.

He will savor his favorite hot beverage in this generous 13-ounce nordic mug with room for whipped cream, peppermint, and whatever toppings he wishes.


8- Fly in a Jet Fighter

What red-blooded American male does not want to fly a fighter jet.

Take flight in an actual jet fighter plane (with a real pilot) for the experience of a lifetime. Fly in a Supersonic MiG 29 or a number of other military fighter jets from various airfields around the world. This unique gift is available from $2999 at Fly Fighter Jet.



We hope that you find this list helpful in making your holiday season a rip-roaring success. And, remember, these are but a few of the many gift ideas you will find at Patriots Cave. If you want to see our Full Gift Guide, check it out here.

Happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Patriots Cave.

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