New Year’s Eve 2020 – Party Plans for Pandemic Relief

Mercifully, 2020 is drawing to a close, something for which the entire world is no doubt thankful. After such a bizarre and troubling year, we can only hope that 2021 will be an improvement. Who knows, all we can do is take responsibility for ourselves, accept the things that cannot be changed, dare to change what should be, and the wisdom to know the difference, as the Serenity Prayer spells out.

So, all of us at Patriots Cave decided that one thing we can all agree on is that there was little to no fun in 2020 and making 2021 more fun is within our control. In this blog, we will discuss a few Fun Enhancing New Year's Resolutions, along with some exciting game ideas for your celebration.

But first, it is essential to get into the proper frame of mind for a New Year's celebration. We recommend an initial infusion of critical elements to enhance your creativity and create an astounding party to carry you and your guests into the next year, something like a Boilermaker.

If you do not already have the proper tools for this favorite, here is a pint and shot pairing that is sure to excite and entertain.

Okay, ready, set, drop the shot, and chug away!

Now, let's get started on that party.


New Year's Resolutions

We have all made them, and we have all neglected them; New Year's Resolutions are the bane of mankind. And yet, we make them still. Maybe that is because our resolutions aren't fun and take too much effort. To break this toxic cycle of failure, we offer these more realistic options.

1. Lose 200 pounds of useless fat (tell your lazy brother-in-law he needs to move out).

2. Reduce your alcohol consumption (what the hell?)

3. Make more appropriate decisions (quit buying bottom shelf liquor)

4. Manage your budget better (spend less on vegetables and more on Bourbon)

5. Spend more time with your family (after your brother-in-law leaves)

Everyone has these puzzles in their life; take inspiration from our examples and make your own successful resolutions for 2021.


New Year's Party Games

New Year's Party Games, or Drinking Games, are a fun way to see how drunk you can get and how much more drunk you can get someone else. Never-mind the morning after; it's all about fun in the moment. Here are a couple ideas for some entertaining and timely New Year's Drinking Games for your 2021 celebration of hopefulness.

It does not matter what type of alcohol you use in your game; the participants may not even like it. Try a fun spin on any of these games; switch out spirits between each round; vodka, tequila, and whiskey for round three. You get the idea; make sure that everyone's favorite makes the scene.

If you really want to throw a wrench in the works, make the final-round Cold Duck.



No New Year's celebration is complete without at least one drinking game. You will need the right equipment (shot glasses and pints) and enough for each guest to participate. Check out our selection of each and be prepared to party hearty. 

So, without further ado, here are your Patriots Cave New Year's Drinking Game ideas.


Biden/Harris Games


Come on Man

This is a simple game, much like you might play with friends while watching sporting events. When you hear Joe Biden say Come on Man shout it out immediately, and everyone else must take a shot, your call for the alcohol. If you are quick enough, you may find significant leverage with the other participants later in the evening.

Take your game to another dimension by doubling the fun.

Add a second Biden deflection like That's for Real, I Aint Lyin', and the pace picks up to be more like a two-minute drill in an NFL playoff. Be careful; the frantic pace in this version can cause many guests to necessarily spend the night. Make sure that you can accommodate all that means.


The Cackling Kamala Round Robin

Your guests will compete head-to-head in this hilariously challenging test of awareness and titillation. It may be helpful to play this clip of the alleged Vice President-Elect and her signature warble to help the contestants stay on key.

Start your game with a shot for each player.

Each contestant will then take a stab at mimicking this grating guffaw, and the other participants give a thumbs-up or thumbs down in response.

At the end of each round, every player must once again take one shot. Round two is played the same as round one, followed by another shot and another round.

Continue the cycle until everyone has dropped out except the winner, or until no one can figure out how to cackle any longer. The great thing about a game like this is that winning is pretty much self-described. The last one standing can be considered the winner, but making it past two or three shots might be a big win for some lightweights.

The Punisher Version

Make this the mother of all drinking games. With every thumbs down, that contestant must take one shot. They will still need to take a shot before beginning the next round as well. See how that works?

If you want to play this version, Patriots Cave has the exact shot glass you will need.


Media Games


The Campfire Editor

Discover how news stories turn into the narrative and become propaganda in this realistic newsroom reenactment based on a familiar children's game.

Unlike the children's game, however, each participant begins by chugging a beer. Refill their glasses before you provide the story because each player will take one drink before listening and another before repeating the story as they heard it.

Begin your game by whispering a headline and story concept from one of the propaganda rags like NYT or WaPo to one of the participants. Then, that person repeats what they believe they heard to the person on their right. Continue drinking and repeating around the group—the final person will write the story for everyone else to hear.

Continue playing by having each participant chug another beer and then one by one have them write a headline for the hack job, just like a real newsroom.


The point of this game is to drink a lot and have even more fun. Choosing a winner will be unlikely as everyone will be rolling with laughter and unable to speak coherently, most likely.


Button, Button Lets Push Your Buttons

Be just like The Mainstream Narrative Media and keep the audience guessing. This game aims to have your guests guess what you are not telling them, just like the nightly news.

Start by telling a story you have gleaned from the unscrupulous neo-journalists and their mostly honest media outlets. You need not be faithful to the story's facts because most of these stories don't contain actual facts. As each contestant makes their guess about what is missing, you give them a thumbs-up or thumbs down for their answer. For each wrong answer, the contestant must take one shot of your choosing. The last person standing is the winner, unless no one is left standing, which is usually the case.

Remember, you represent The Media, you and only you know what you left out, just like real life. So, you don't need to be honest about thumbs-up or thumbs down, again, just like real life. Pick a winner if you like, or just watch them all tank.

Isn't journalism fun?



There you have it, a Patriots Cave roadmap to a fun party and positive outlook for 2021. May it be to 2020 what Ronald Reagan was to Jimmy Carter.

Go forth and have fun!

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