More than a Right: Guns Protect the Constitution

Guns keep the promise of the Constitution. 

People who say that gun control is a good thing mistake what guns are for and what guns are

These gun control people see a man or woman with a gun, and they think of a bunch of crazed buffoons and yokel rednecks playing around with toys that they should instead give up to the middle managers who run government offices.

First of all, guns are not toys. Any gun owner will tell you that. We know that better than a sign-holding anarchist who’s never stepped hide nor hair on a gun range.

Second of all, owning a gun is more than right. It is more than an idea of the law printed on old paper. It is a responsibility to understand the duties of being an American citizen.

Third of all, guns are more than weapons of protection. Yes, they protect you, your family, and your property. But they protect other things as well.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right of all Americans to own guns. It guarantees that right because the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, understood that given enough time the people in power would move to hold onto as much of that self-interested power as they could. And screw the rest of us along the way.

The Founding Fathers had seen the ways that powerful people in their own time used the awesome power of the state to wangle their own selfish wants while selling off the public’s needs. They wanted to kill this abuse of power in the country they would go on to start.

Unfortunately, for all the stupidity of government, people in power have enough smarts to nip resistance in the bud. Corrupt people in power correctly suspect that the people they govern don’t like it very much being sold out. Naturally, corrupt people in power make moves to strip people like us from the things that would allow us to stand up for ourselves.

The Founding Fathers, almost 250 years ago, foresaw that this would happen. They knew that generation after generation of bureaucrats would take our system for granted, question its sound foundations, and openly act to destroy the safeguards that keep us free. 

Hence, the need to beef up the Constitution with a special power granted to We the People. Imagine that every gun owner in America suddenly disappeared. Imagine that police power and the military were the only groups in our country with access to a gun. The threat of true dissent from regular Americans like us would never be a credible threat. Our calls for the government to act the way we want it to, these calls would have no teeth.

Right now, we are watching the Founding Fathers’ wisdom come alive in the arena of corrupt politics. As the people in power realize that a growing number of Americans fundamentally disagree with the direction our country is headed—are they looking to change their ways? Are they looking to change anyone’s minds?

No, because they know they are in the wrong. So, they want to neuter the last layer of protection an American citizen might have. To make us totally and completely dependent and obedient. Yes, sir. No, sir. Thank you, sir. May I have another, sir.

Guns protect the Constitution.

End of conversation.

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  • Rick Manser Sr On


  • Robert F. Usiak Jr. On

    One of the best pro-liberty and freedom articles I have read in a long time. Thank You.

  • Dereke Mink On

    Amen could not have said it any better

  • John Weis On

    Absolutely a responsibility, well said. Unfortunately we don’t teach that anymore in our schools. Also as gun ownership decreases crime increases!.

  • Real American On

    Guns protect the Constitution 3/5 of the time!

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