Why Ron DeSantis Is Our Guy in 2024

The Ron shall take the place of the Don. 

Trump opened the door so that DeSantis could step through. And who's he taking with him? All of us. We the PEOPLE of the United States of America. 

1. DeSantis is our guy because in the face of a pandemic he kept a cool head. He prevailed while the liberals boiled like lemmings in their inner city slums—a style of life so miserable and repugnant they want us all to have a taste. Despite the extremest form of federal pressure—which ran just up to the border of armed demands—DeSantis said no to that. He resisted. While the world closed, he kept his state open. 

That's the attitude we need to export within our borders. That's the kind of toughness we need in 2024. A tough man who stands for freedom. A tough man who stands for liberty. A tough man who will protect our rights - the 1st, the 2nd, and all the rest - no matter what.

2. They cannot cancel DeSantis. 

But mark these words. They will try. In case you haven't noticed, they have already sharpened their blades and picked their teeth clean in preparation to go after Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis learned from the best, though. He learned from Donald Trump. If you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation. Speed up your OODA loop. Come down on your enemy from his blind spot. Like Trump, DeSantis can weather any storm of abuse the media cooks up. He is a conservative who can, and will, win.

We cannot wait for the cavalry to come. So we must mount our horses ourselves and get ready to charge. We will take the White House in 2024, and it won't be in the costume of animal furs and face paint. It will be on the crest of a landslide victory in 2024. 


3. Biden is a born loser, and we know it. Even the people who voted for him know it (the real ones, not the zombies summoned from the dead on election night by liberal vote counters). They see what you see: a dead-eyed and corrupt, buffoonish and senile old man lurching to the podium day after day to give one canned address after another about policies that are failing us Americans, helping our enemies, and hurting our allies.

The time to lick our wounds is over. The time to point the finger is over. The time to lament one fresh loss is over. The time to gear up is now. The time to point to a common leader is now. The time to win a fresh victory for America's future is now. 

We won't be waiting until 2024. We must get ready for for action on the battlefield today and go to war for Ron DeSantis.

If we're not ready now, we'll never be ready.

It won't be an easy fight. For no victory comes easily. But remember these words every moment an accusatory liberal spits in your direction: if you're catching flak, it means you're over the target.


Reviews (7 comments)

  • Frank PUGLIESI On

    We stand for Trump and DeSantis 100%

  • Chari On

    I stand behind DeSantis all the way. He’s got my vote in 2024!!!

  • Rod Drake On

    DeSantis is great and we need him in Florida as our governor

  • DrK On

    TRUMP/DESANTIS 2024-2028!

  • Rich & Christine Kellar On

    We’re 100% Deplorables and we still love & respect Donald Trump but, we also love DeSantis and think he’d make a fantastic POTUS!!

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