Four More Years to Stop the Spread

WARNING: This blog contains graphic depictions of hypocrisy, reality, and truth. Those of insufficient emotional intelligence should proceed with caution as this content can trigger the unsophisticated mind.

Patriots Cave is in no way responsible for any irrational reactions.


They said he could not win.

They said that he is irresponsible, and World War III was imminent if he won.

After four years, the Main Stream Narrative Media has yet to say anything positive about President Trump, his administration, the patriots who elected him, or the accomplishments they refuse to acknowledge.

Heck, they don’t even verify their facts or pretend to be remotely objective. 

Alleged media outlets like Cable Narrative Network and the Wash Cycle Post are obsessed with bashing President Trump to the detriment of their bottom line. 

What a bunch of hacks!


Fortunately, President Trump has a business and development background and not a political one. That is the big difference, and the main reason three quarters of Washington, DC, and 100% of the left despise him and are threatened by his success.

Regardless of the industry, a businessperson has one goal, to keep moving in a positive direction. When a problem is encountered, the businessperson will focus on solving that problem. They will keep trying different solutions until the challenge is overcome, and they can continue moving forward.

On the other hand, most politicians will use the problem to gain political advantage. Their immediate goal is often not to solve the issue but to nurture it as leverage or use it as a cudgel.

This despicable behavior is on full display today in Congress, where Crazy Nancy and the power hungry Democrats are once more holding Covid 19 relief dollars hostage to their budget-busting progressive agenda.
Pelosi has employed this strategy each time a Covid relief bill is proposed.



Imagine, if you will, a world where Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously; A world where there is genuine discourse with a focus on what is best for America.

Imagine a Democrat party gracious in both loss and victory, able to focus on their duties even as the majority.

Imagine. (Cue John Lennon – not)



While the Democrats fiddle, President Trump continues to win for America.

In just the last few weeks (although the efforts have been underway since he took office), President Trump and his team have inked significant agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.


Shortly before the signing of these agreements and the Abraham Accord with Israel and her Arab neighbors, the Trump administration also forged a long-sought compromise between Serbia and Kosovo.


As a result of these initiatives, President Donald J Trump has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The MSNM cannot bring themselves to hail these historical agreements as anything positive or hopeful. Although each signatory to the Abraham Accord agrees that additional Arab neighbors are eager to sign the deal, our juvenile media ignore this world-changing success.



President Trump and his administration are addressing the broken departments and policy issues that have not worked for year upon year. For decades these problems have been studied and argued endlessly without any movement towards a solution, the perfect outcome from a politician’s perspective.


During his campaign, President Trump made a lot of promises to America’s faithful citizens. Unlike virtually every successful presidential candidate in our nation’s history, President Donald J Trump makes a concerted and consistent effort to keep them all; he is making good on his word.



Let’s take an inventory of the Democrat accomplishments during that same time.

1-Resist any and all cooperation with the Trump administration.

 2-Impeach the Big Orange Meanie no matter the cost.

3-Conspire with the Deep State to create a false narrative for this partisan impeachment effort. 

4-Trash the Constitution to cobble together said impeachment.

5-Hold secret hearings where The All-Knowing and All-Seeing Adam Schiff-For-Brains plays Emperor. 

6-Vilify and demonize every action, decision, statement, and supporter of President Trump; some Dems even promoting open confrontation. 

7-Did we mention Russia collusion and Bob Mueller?

There is much more of the same, but we have to stop somewhere.



In our sincere effort to be fair and balanced, let’s look at the legislative actions Democrats are taking to help America.


  • Hmmm…
  • We managed to keep the government open?
  • Oh yeah, after sitting on it for weeks, Nancy Pelosi, under pressure, finally ordained to have a vote and pass President Trump’s renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement, now known as the USMCA.
  • Nancy Pelosi also held up the first Coronavirus¶ relief bill by porking it up with progressive playthings. Republicans finally caved, and she got much of what she wanted.


Looking back at all of this, why, in God’s name, would anyone vote for these clowns to run our country?

The Resistance, the Democrats, and their cohorts, the Deep State and Narrative Media, have done and are doing everything in their power to destroy President Trump and cancel our votes AGAIN.

Their cries for unity at this late date are as hollow and worthless as their party leadership.

Unfortunately for this cabal of Anti-Trump, Anti-American Sore Losers, they believe all of America is as dumb as they are, as dumb as those who cheer them on.

That, is a very big mistake.


More and more Americans are waking up to the dishonesty, gaslighting, and fear-mongering of the Democrat party every day. If you don’t think this is happening, check out this: # WalkAway Campaign.


Come on man!



It’s the Constitution and America – Stupid!

The polls don’t show it, they never do.

The Democrats and all those on the left cannot comprehend. 

The narrative-driven media babble like toddlers as they try to explain it.


Their narrow little liberal minds are incapable.


President Trump’s base is loyal to him because he is loyal to them.

His supporters are not necessarily voting for him they are voting for America.


More than that, President Trump’s loyalty to all American citizens is entirely in line with our Constitution and the principles that make America great. President Trump’s patriotic base will always be faithful to him as long as he is loyal to the Constitution.


Loyalty to the Constitution, something the left despises and fears.


It’s time for all proud American patriots to go forth and conquer.

This is not the time to be shy about where you stand. The stakes for our nation have never been higher; the future and fortunes of you and your family hang in the balance.


So, grab all the Patriots Cave Trump 2020 goodies you can to spread the word – and vote November 3 – or sooner.


Remember, only you can prevent Socialism.

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