Welcome ACB - A New Kind of Notorious

Here we go again.

Have you ever seen an entire population lose their collective minds and abandon all semblance of rational thinking? The hypocrisy of the Democrat party is thicker than the goo at the bottom of the DC swamp. The passing of The Notorious RBG somehow seemed to come as a surprise. Her advanced age of 87 and numerous severe health issues over the years, even recently, should have made this probability undeniably obvious. What do you expect from liberals who can’t even be honest with themselves?

The liberal activist reign of The Notorious RBG has drawn to its inevitable close. Elections have consequences, and just weeks before the presidential election, judge Amy Coney Barrett, The Notorious ACB, a constitutional originalist, is in line for that seat.


Democrats and their lefty buddies are beside themselves.

First, Donald Trump put the brakes on their progressive utopian agenda, which Barack Obama set in motion. The 2016 election was devastating for them.

Next, President Trump runs circles around the Democrats even as they attempt to impeach him and resist him at every move.

They can’t figure this out. Now, after over 50 years of liberal-progressive activism on the bench, the tables are turned. The Constitution is coming off of life support.

Crying Chuck and Crazy Nancy have pulled out all the stops to thwart this appointment. Their base won’t stand for it, and their plans won’t survive an honest judiciary. The entire left is invested in stopping the appointment of ACB to the Supreme Court.

Does anyone, in their right mind, believe that in the same situation, Chuck Schumer and President Bozo Whoever would not confirm their preferred nominee to the Supreme Court?

Of course, they would, and it would likely already be done.

The mere fact that they are popping a gasket over a nominee that will (and has proven over and over) judiciously follow the law explains everything.


What could they possibly be worried about?

They are worried because the Supreme Court will no longer be the protective backstop for their poorly written and highly unpopular legislation. A less activist Supreme Court creates severe issues for the progressive agenda.

Can we get a too bad so sad?


We have watched for decades as liberal activist justices have twisted constitutional meaning and tortured its principles to achieve their desired result. Time after time, Republican presidents have failed the test when it comes to appointing Supreme Court justices.

After all, we wouldn’t want to rock the boat.


Now, it is the age of Trump, a return to constitutional norms and principles. As much as the left likes to say President Trump is destroying America’s ideals and institutions, per usual, they are projecting, and the opposite is true.

President Trump is committed to the founding principles enshrined in our Constitution, which have brought America to the forefront of history.

A promise was made, a commitment to the people that any Supreme Court nomination made by President Trump would be a qualified constitutional originalist, someone with an actual track record of upholding the Constitution.


Enter Amy Coney Barrett, legal mind extraordinaire and Yale law professor, among many other healthy, consistent and ethical positions and responsibilities.


About ACB

Born in New Orleans, Amy Coney Barrett grew up in Louisiana, where she graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High School. She went on to earn a bachelor of arts from Rhodes College before completing her Juris Doctor at Notre Dame University, where she graduated top of her class.

When ACB is confirmed, she will be the only justice with a law degree from a university other than Harvard or Yale. What was that about diversity?

ACB became a law clerk first in the Court of Appeals and then for Associate Justice Antonin Scalia serving one year in that position. Next, she returned to Notre Dame and taught law, eventually becoming Professor of Law at Notre Dame.

Along with numerous awards and citations, Amy Coney Barrett has worked in private law practice and has served in various academic positions. She has been Circuit Court Judge US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit since 2017.

It’s easy to understand why liberals are so astonishingly hysterical about her nomination; they can’t wrap their heads around someone so consistently ethical and moral. They seem only to understand the world from their narrow, insulated perspective and project their attributes onto all others. 


The promise of appointing constitutionally grounded and fair minds to the Supreme Court is a big reason Donald J Trump is President.

So far, he is keeping his word, and the only whining is coming from the sorest losers on the face of the planet, Nancy, Chuck, and their party circus performers.



We would like to leave you with this statement from The Notorious ACB, which explains our enthusiasm in a nutshell.



“There’s a lot of talk these days about the courts being mere political institutions. But if we reduce the courts to mere politics, then why do we need them?

We already have politicians. Courts are not arenas for politics. Courts are places where judges discharge the duty to uphold the rule of law”.


P.S. :
There remains a distinct possibility that the next four years will present a similar opportunity to further repair our great Supreme Court. Establishing a constitutionally grounded and faithful Supreme Court bench is absolutely critical if we want to return to true American principles and values.


Vote this November like your future depends on it because it does.


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  • Allen Aslinger On

    My wife and I early Voted in GA. We don’t believe in Liberal Insanity! We are Constitutional Conservatives. We have people from all walks of life in our family. Gay, Straight, and other. We have Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives, Christians, Muslims, and even a couple of Hindi folks. I don’t judge people for beliefs I may not agree with. I don’t judge people for a lifestyle that fits them but not me. That’s how freedom works. However that’s a two-way street. Part of freedom is that sometimes you don’t agree with people and they get to live their life the way they want. The only thing I judge is when people break the law and don’t try to change the law. When people violate the Constitution of the United States. Then we have a problem. The law should treat everyone equally. No it’s not always been that way. It should have been. But we have changed in this country for the better. And we can continue to change for the better. Equality in the law doesn’t exist anymore. Too many people want to equality to get equality and then to demand special treatment. That’s not how this works. And it’s time for it to come to an end. I don’t care if you’re rich, poor, white, black, brown, or any other color race religion or creed. The law is the law. If you violate the law whether you’re law enforcement or anyone else, you should pay the price. No exceptions. Let’s take back America!

  • PAblo E. Mendez On

    Thank you!! Well stated!!

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