Patriot's Cave September Influencer Highlight
Our Patriot's Cave September Influencer for the month comes with an inspiring story. Her dedication to family and conservative values has allowed her platform to grow and inspire others. Read more about Karen, born in Puerto Rico, who later in 2014 moved to Dallas, Texas for a better life for herself and her family. She talks about her journey battling cancer and how she's determined to fight for rights, the Constitution and Trump's re-election.


I am a Conservative and Constitutionalist Hispanic American Activist with two years of experience in Media marketing focusing on conservative values and US Constitution education material in both English and Spanish addressed to Latinos in the United States.

Former Media Vice President for the Hispanic Republican Club of North Texas.  At present, serving as the Texas State Director for The LEXIT Movement and Director for Hispanic engagement. Delegate for the Texas Republican Party during the State Convention.

I am known in social media as @Puertorican_For_Trump and as La MAGA Teacher, my YouTube channel in Spanish.

I am a mom of two girls and in a beautiful relationship with ARMY Veteran LTC Velez. With 15 years of experience in the corporate world as a Logistics and Demand Planner Manager, I also started my own business in the fitness industry while managing my media and political world roles.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2014 to pursue a better quality of life and better employment opportunities. At that time, Obama was running his second term. I got my driver's license a couple of weeks after moving to Texas, and along with the license, I received my voter registration card. Wow! I was excited to vote for the first time in a Presidential election. I started thinking about what I know about United States politics. Being here, I had more access to local news. I saw all these policies, including the infanticide bill propose by Obama to allow abortions in the 3rd trimester of gestation. That opened a pandora box for me because I was told when living in Puerto Rico was not making any sense now. The media and the government on the island make you believe that Republicans are evil and racist, and the Democrats de good people because they are always giving you stuff and increasing the government welfare benefits. Welfare is just a tactic to control the way you think and vote. And we can see the results in our society with recent crimes and riots.

I am a Christian, and for me, God is first. Hece, that abortion bill was entirely against my beliefs.  I started doing more research.  I learned how Democrats banned the bible from school and those Christian monuments that were removed.  I learned about the Democrats and Republican platforms, and guess what, I discovered that I am a Republican and that I was deceived my whole life.  For Latinos, the family is everything, work hard, and be entrepreneurs is in our blood.  That sounds like conservative values.

Then the elections were getting close, and Donald Trump announced his campaign running for President. I said, ok. I know him from Miss Universe and the Apprentice, cool guy.  But I was more inclined for Ted Cruz. I started campaigning in social media, trying to educate Latinos, especially my fellow Puerto Ricans.  When listening to Trump, it was hard for me to understand his background in the beginning. He's not the typical politician, which I learned to appreciate and see as the opportunity to have a real leader and not another puppet.

I follow the rabbit hole. The problems in the border with human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children were all that I needed to know that I was 100% voting for Donald Trump. He was the only candidate concerned about this issue. 

Today, I continue fighting for our country in social media, doing block walks, making calls, and spreading education every place I go without fear.  But I also started a new fight: On August 8th, 2020, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is a very aggressive and not a common type of breast cancer.

The good news is, the more aggressive the cancer is, the better chances to respond to standard chemotherapy. You can follow my journey and support me through

I am beyond blessed with all the support from my followers. I want to let everyone know that I am not going to quit. We all are in this together, and we will continue defending our country, our Constitution, and our rights after November 3rd. 

God bless y'all, and God bless America!

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  • KAty KEesen On

    I’m sick of the lies from most news channels. It’s up to us to not be afraid to bring the truth to the forefront. If we say we we have republican views we’re often times hated or rejected because people assume we’re voting for a racist, but that is so far from the truth. I’m saddened by the fear and division it does to the people of our country.

  • Steven H On

    This lady represents everything beautiful about our country. She’s here to build and grow and improve her situation, and she’s done just that. How lucky we all are that she believes in God and the constitution and conservative values too!
    Just a bonus that she’s a knockout!

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