For Her - Gifts in 2020

With all the upheaval and uncertainty of 2020, Christmas is an opportunity to deliver some patriotic fun and normalcy. Patriots Cave is the best place to look for that type of gift for the special woman in your life. We have assembled a shortlist of gift ideas for her to make your Christmas shopping just a little easier and fun.


1. Freedom Is My Second Favorite F* Word Pint Glass

It is a safe bet that fondue is not your number one favorite F*word. Usually, no one cares about your second favorite, even when it is freedom. For us at Patriots Cave and all our patriotic, freedom-loving fans, freedom only comes in second because the number one choice (not fondue) is so fucking useful; nearly as useful as this pint.


2. 0% Liberal Wine Glass


Give that special conservative woman in your life a gift she can enjoy every evening. Our stemless 15-ounce wine glass will quickly become her favorite, and the straightforward message makes her position clear.

Give her the gift of free expression and good drink this holiday season and show your appreciation for your good fortune in her affection.


3. God Bless America .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Everyone likes cool stuff. We think that opening a beer with a .50 caliber Browning machine gun round is pretty cool. Give her this unique and highly useful bottle opener made with a once-fired, non-toxic, and safely decommissioned .50 Cal BMG brass bullet.

Emblazoned with God Bless America, this handsome bar accessory boasts but one of the many embellishments you can select from, along with several alternative colors and custom engraving for your bullet bottle opener.


4. F* Flake 2020 Wooden Ornament

Christmas 2020 is nearly here. What that looks like in your neck of the woods is likely very different than in years past. This is 2020, and the abnormal is our new normal (at least for the moment). Given all that and the overwhelming amount of crap being fed to us by Narrative Networks, there is only one word to describe 2020, and this ornament says it all.

Help that special gal in your life close out this fucking year with our clever wooden snowflake ornament, and it’s no holds barred statement about 2020. Need more ornaments, check these out.


5. Blue Lives Matter Nordic Mug

There is nothing like the comfort of a warm mug of her favorite hot beverage on a cold winter night except knowing that the brave men and women of law enforcement in her community are hard at work.

With its sizeable C-shaped handle and 13-ounce capacity, our Nordic mug is the perfect vessel for those chilly winter evenings. Add to that the patriotic Blue Lives Matter graphic, and you cannot go wrong. 

Take a look at all of our Back the Blue gift ideas.


6. Don’t Cough on Me Face Mask

Whatever you think of them, face masks are an unfortunate necessity today. Give your favorite lady a patriotic and fun yet practical gift she can use every day. With its fun play on a patriotic favorite, this mask is accurate in color and style to the original flag.

Make Mask Wearing Fun Again (?), and make sure she has several to last through the week. Is yellow not her color? Choose from our large selection of face masks and discover what makes Patriots Cave masks unique.


7. New Justice Queen, New Justice Symbol Whiskey Glass

Only the fifth woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, caused quite a stir with her appointment. The Notorious RGB is no longer Queen of the court; the new Queen is The Notorious ACB, the new symbol of constitutional justice in America.

Commemorate this historical event and give that special woman something she will cherish and enjoy regularly. Make her holiday with your acknowledgment of this significant event for all conservative American women. You can see all of our ACB offerings here.


8. 2 in One Beach Day Lounger/Cargo Car

Make her next day at the beach more effortless and more comfortable than ever with this ingenious combination lounger and cart from Macsports. It’s nearly 4 cubic ft., 100-lb capacity, and large rubber wheels means hauling all that gear from the parking lot over rough terrain and sand is no longer a chore. Not only does the Day Lounger convert from cart to comfortable lounger, it conveniently folds flat for easy transport and storage.

At under $150 from online retailers, this is a can’t miss for that beach-loving gal on your list.


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