Gifts for the Beer Lovers in 2020

Beer is an amazing beverage with an infinite variety of styles, flavors, and ingenuity. If there are any beer lovers on your Christmas list (who doesn’t have a few), Patriots Cave has all the gifts s that they will cherish for years to come. Here are a few ideas that sport our particular Patriots Cave brand of patriotic humor and sarcasm.



1. How May I Offend You Today Pint

Like liberals and snowflakes, some people can be easy to offend; it doesn’t take much for the emotionally weak to meltdown. Any conservative beer enthusiast will appreciate the humor and usefulness of the message on this pint. It just might become their favorite, especially in mixed company.

Give your beer lover a gift that keeps on giving and has meaning to their life.


2. Republican Because We All Can’t Be on Welfare Pint

Is there a conservative beer aficionado on your gift list this holiday season that seems to have everything? Well, every beer drinker knows that you can never have enough pint glasses. Patriots Cave recommends this pint with its classic Republican message for that hard-to-buy-for beer lover on your list. 

Speaking of pints, since this is a beer aficionado gift guide and we already know that we can never have enough pint glasses, here is a link to all of Patriots Cave’s fun, patriotic, and snarky pints, enjoy.


3. Buy American, Higher American .50 Cal Bottle Opener

Good Old Sleepy Joe used this phrase like it was his own even though his career says something entirely different. Conservatives have known and practiced this principle since, well, ever. But, it was nice that at least he agreed with President Trump.

Give that beer lover on your Christmas list a unique and indispensable tool emblazoned with this patriotic message and made with a military fired .50 Browning machine gun round. All of our Bullet Bottle Openers are professionally decommissioned and safe for consumer use; you can find them here.


4. Only You Can Prevent Socialism Magnet

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear, especially one that wants to stamp out socialism? No doubt, your beer-loving friends will enjoy this creative spin on an old favorite.

Our colorful 4 x 6 magnet features the noble American Flag and our Keep America Great version of Smokey with a call to action against socialism. This powerful, fade, and water resistant magnet is suitable for indoor or outdoor use with its UV coating to resist fading and cracking.

All Patriots Cave magnets are US-made and are definitely not your grandma’s refrigerator magnet; check them all out here.


5. 2nd Amendment Skull Head Button

Have a badass beer-enthusiasts on your list this year? Give them this equally badass button supporting the Second Amendment with startlingly graphic skull & six-shooters surrounded by ammo.

Sometimes the smallest things can have the greatest impact, and this little button is one such thing. We are sure your giftee will love this one, but there are many more to choose from.


6. Masking under Protest Face mask

There is no escaping the mask debaters in 2020. Scientists say we must wear a mask, and other scientists say they do no good. One thing we all know for sure, however, is that you can’t drink beer through a mask. That is why the beer lover on your gift list will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift when it is this Masking Under Protest Patriots Cave facemask.

Not only does it deliver your message, but it also has a special pocket to add additional filtration material, just in case masks actually do work. Need a different message; see all of our unique facemasks here.


7. Proud to Back the Blue Yard Sign 2 Pack

Every law-abiding, patriotic American citizen, including beer enthusiasts, respects and supports all our Brave Men and Women in Blue. Give your favorite beer lover this Patriots Cave 2X the support Christmas special with two striking Proud to Back the Blue yard signs.

These 12" x 18" corrugated plastic signs are made to withstand the elements, but the lucky recipient may want to hang one behind the bar. You can find more of our Back the Blue collection here.


8. Beer Immersion Therapy

We have all heard that beer can make anyone look better; little did we realize that this is actually true. The people at Broo use craft beer to make everything from shampoo and conditioner to body wash and many other personal care products. Beer is chock-full of proteins, minerals, and B vitamins (see, we always said beer was healthy) are, which promote a shinier, healthier head of hair. 

Give your favorite beer lover the full-body experience with these innovative personal-care products. They won’t even need beer goggles.

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