Why America Celebrates the Fourth of July

Picnics, fireworks, parades, gathering with friends and family; these are the things that come to mind when Americans think of how they celebrate Independence Day.

In the year 2020, our Fourth of July holiday will undoubtedly feel very different for many of us. Hopefully, all Americans can honor the Fourth freely, and without the brutal restrictions of the last several months.

More important, however, is WHY we celebrate our independence on July fourth every year. While you might think you know why we revere July 4, the truth may surprise you – or not.

Here at Patriot’s Cave, we are excited to present our first blog with this tribute to America’s birthday. We thought it would be useful to revisit the beginnings of this anniversary for some inspiration.

Independence Day, In the Beginning

Not surprisingly, the first celebrations in 1776 were spontaneous responses to the Declaration of Independence as it was read publicly. Our patriotic counterparts of the day broke into cheers, fired their muskets, rang bells, and generally whooped it up at the prospect of freedom and personal liberty.

There was still a revolution to win, but they took the first bold step towards independence, and the people’s patriotism exploded in pride and anticipation.

On the first observance of American independence, festive feasts would typically boast turtle soup and other treats like poached salmon with egg sauce, boiled potatoes, sweets, and desserts.

In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson opened the President’s House (the White House) for public festivities with music and bowls of punch and plates of sweets.

Undoubtedly, Colonial Patriot’s Cave barware, like our “Make the Colonies Great” pewter goblet (a top seller in its day), played a significant role in this celebration.

Holiday barbecues originally began as political rallies in the first half of the 19th century. Independence Day was not yet a holiday, and politicians saw an advantage in using the date to rally support (some things never change).

Our Fourth of July Today

In modern America, the typical Independence Day celebrations include a backyard barbecue. The 20th-century invention of the charcoal grill and the recognition of July 4 as a holiday, bring us to what we now consider to be a traditional Fourth of July celebration.

During the two weeks leading up to Independence Day 2016, Americans spent over $1.5 billion on meat and seafood in anticipation of their Fourth of July festivities. If 2020 is anything like last year, Americans will spend nearly $7 billion celebrating the Fourth of July.

That’s a helluva lot of fun and good eats!

Good eats demand good drink, and Independence Day is by far the number one day for beer consumption in America, accounting for over 5% of annual sales. What better way to wash down your patriotic vittles than with a refreshing drink in your Trust the Government,… or Patriotically Correct pint from Patriots Cave?


Why the Fourth of July?

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July because we are thankful for the brave patriots who helped create this nation and continue to preserve our freedoms. We would celebrate them on any day and at any time for their sacrifices and gifts.

But, we promised some insight into why we celebrate our independence on the fourth day of July, and at Patriot’s Cave, we keep our promises.

Most people believe that we celebrate on July 4 because that is when the Declaration of Independence was signed. But that is not the case.

Exhibiting the ubiquitous Congressional efficiency that endures still today, on July 3, 1777, Congress realized that no plans existed for an Independence Day celebration. Since the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence was July 2 (the date proclaimed for the celebration by John Adams just one year earlier), they were already a day late; thus we celebrate July 4 

At the last minute, and with Herculean efforts, an extravagant spectacle was held in Philadelphia. Red white and blue decorated ships stood at attention in the harbor as cannons rang out with 13 gun salutes in honor of the 13 colonies. Celebrants enjoyed parades, fireworks, and refreshments

Every year, proud Americans, like you, come together and celebrate this essential anniversary in appreciation of the brave patriots and founders who put it all on the line for the freedoms many take for granted.

Whatever your Fourth of July festivities involve, take the time to thank those who have gone before and acknowledge the sacrifices that secure our rights and freedoms every day.

Still, July 4 is a day to celebrate!

What could be better than to follow tradition and get together with all the friends and family that you can, enjoy their good company, great food, and a fine beverage? After all, Independence Day is the ultimate acknowledgment of our democratic republic, it’s good patriotic citizens, and the bounty of this shining city on the hill.

Don’t be like Congress, plan ahead and make sure you have all the bases covered. Make a statement, start a conversation, show your support for President Trump in 2020; Patriot’s Cave has everything you need for a spectacular bash.


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