10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Donald Trump

Since his entire life has been in the spotlight, and the Presidency is the most intense spotlight of all, it would seem there is little left to know about President Trump or his life.

 But, like all of us, President Trump has his own unique background and life experiences. So, we thought it would be fun to explore some of the lesser-known facts and experiences that have created The Donald.

Here are 10 of the most interesting facts we found about our 45th President. Why don't you pour yourself a cold refreshing drink in your favorite Patriots Cave glass to enjoy, along with this read?

 We thought we would begin with a little bit of Trump family history and a quick look at President Trump's younger years.

1. Where did all the family money come from?

We know that Donald Trump's father, Fred, was a successful and wealthy businessman. But, do you know that the family fortune actually started with grandpa Trump? 

The origin of the Trump family fortune began in Seattle and the Klondike when his grandfather, Frederick Trump, moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1891. He established and ran various restaurants and boarding houses during the Yukon Gold Rush.

In 1901, 10 years later, the senior Trump could see the end of the boom coming and sold all his assets. Unlike most, he left the Yukon Gold Rush with a substantial nest egg. He returned to Germany and got married, returning later to New York, where he began investing in real estate.

And, as they say, the rest is history.


2. The Trump Work Ethic

Everyone knows that the Trump family was well off, but that doesn't mean that the Trump children got a pass on life lessons. Although the Trump family was prosperous and considered wealthy, Donald Trump and his siblings all had after-school jobs.


3. Donald the Fearless

It seems that nothing can shake President Donald Trump, and it appears that this is nothing new. At the early age of five, the young Donald Trump embarked on an urban safari with his babysitter into the New York City sewers.

Although the babysitter was concerned her charge would become scared in the dark and strange environment, little Donald was enthralled with the adventure.


4. Extended Family

Here is an interesting fact that is an example of the Trump family tendency towards academics and public service. 

In 1943 the FBI allowed President Trump's uncle John G Trump, a professor at MIT, to examine the papers and equipment of Nikola Tesla after his passing that year.

What a fantastic opportunity; that next Trump Thanksgiving dinner conversation must have been electrifying.


5. Schooling the Donald

Donald Trump attended New York Military Academy, where he rose to Cadet Captain–S4 in his senior year. He and another cadet, Jeff Donaldson, created a group of cadets that trained and practiced advanced close-order drills. Memorial day 1964, Cadet Trump and the group displayed their skills while marching down Fifth Avenue.

The young Donald Trump already showed his patriotism and leadership abilities and his gifts for entertaining and organizing.


6. Donald Trump in the Public Eye

Ever the entrepreneur and showman, the unstoppable Donald J Trump seems to have tackled every conceivable line of business. While he is famous as a real estate investor and developer, he has also been involved in finance, has owned and managed many international hotels, resorts, and golf courses, just to name a few of his many business exploits.

Over the years, Donald Trump has appeared in 12 films. He has also made appearances on 14 different TV series, including The Little Rascals, where he played an oil tycoon. He has also been nominated for two Emmy Awards.


7. Vice President Donald J Trump

Here is one that will probably surprise you.

2016 was not Donald Trump's first foray into presidential politics. In 1988 Donald J Trump was seriously considered as a running mate for George HW Bush. Now, that would have been an interesting ticket.


8. Trump and Tyson 

Combining two of his passions, entertainment and finance, not only did Donald Trump host the famous battle between Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he has also served as Mike Tyson's financial advisor.


9. Saturday Night Live

Something that would never happen today, Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live on April 3, 2004, in its 30th season. Rumor has it that he will agree to appear again only if he can play Alec Baldwin.


10. Cashing in

This last anecdote is one of the most unusual and uniquely Donald-like stories we came across. 

In 1990, a satirical, in-your-face publication called Spy Magazine mailed 58 well-known individuals, including Donald Trump, refund checks in the amount of $1.11 for an alleged overcharge in 1988.

They wanted to see what these wealthy people would do with such an insignificant dollar amount. Of the 58 refunds sent out, 26 of these individuals cashed their $1.11 check, including Donald Trump.

Next, the group sent those same 26 people another check, which was $.64. Half of the recipients, again including Donald Trump, cashed the check.

For a third time, Spy Magazine reached out to that group of 13 with a final sum of $.13, and there were only two takers; a Saudi arms dealer and Donald Trump.

This dichotomy between flamboyant and frugal is only one of the characteristics that make President Donald J Trump both endearing and frustrating (especially for the left and others with no sense of humor).

While he loves the bling and is proud to show the world his success, President Trump does despise waste and obviously cannot bring himself to leave free money on the table.


Bonus Fact

Here is one well-known fact about our 45th president.

Stepping into the ring with Donald Trump requires extreme focus and mental agility. It seems that his mind is as energetic as he is, a fact not lost on his presidential rivals.

We can hardly wait for the 2020 presidential debates even if they are virtual.

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