Patriot's Cave August Influencer Highlight

1. Tell us a Bit About Yourself? 

I was born in Belarus, my parents and I moved to Israel when I was 2 years old, and then my mom applied to the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program and we moved to the United States as legal permanent residents when I was 12. We are all US citizens now and I have a bachelor's degree. I never really cared about or followed politics until Trump became president. He was the first candidate I ever voted for to become president (I got my citizenship in 2013). If I could do something with politics for a living, I would because I have become very passionate about politics and our country, thanks to Trump. I actually have educated opinions regarding politics and politicians now.

2. What inspired your love for America/Trump?

I voted for Trump in 2016 because of all he promised for this country and the American people. During his first term as president, he kept those promises and more. I saw how much he loved our country, the American people, and how hard he worked for us. He truly was making America Great Again. Trump didn't just talk, he got things done. And I grew to support him and love this country even more because of it. I will definitely be voting for him in November because he keeps his promises. He is going to lower taxes (Biden literally said if he is elected, our taxes will be raised), he is pro police and pro 2nd amendment (Kamala wants to get rid of the 2nd amendment and get rid of everyone's guns). People need to feel safe in this country. I would not feel safe without police or being able to own a gun. If somebody breaks into your home and you can't call 911 or don't have a gun at home to defend yourself and your family with, how will you protect yourself?

Trump has created jobs and lowered the unemployment rate. Also, he is protecting us by building the wall. The wall is very much needed. I came to this country legally, and so should everyone else. Why should people (who are mostly criminals and drug addicts anyway) come here illegally and get free unlimited Healthcare with my taxes? That's what Biden wants because he doesn't care about America or the American people. Trump puts America first, he puts us first and is keeping us safe. I literally had a friend tell me she doesn't understand why my parents support Trump because they are immigrants and "Trump doesn't like immigrants". My parents are legal immigrants, and that's the difference. Trump is against illegal immigrants, and so am I. Trump's wife is an immigrant, he doesn't have anything against immigrants coming into our country legally.

3. What inspired you to start your Instagram and what’s one thing you wish you had known when you began? 

My Instagram account used to be private and non-political. I only had about 400 something followers and I never posted about politics. In June, I was inspired to make a pro Trump blog to post REAL news and facts about our president because I got fed up with the mainstream media painting him in a bad light and not reporting on any of his great accomplishments, literally brainwashing people. I jokingly told my husband, "we should start our own news channel called Real News with Rick & Marina and report the truth" and I really wanted to and got motivated to start something. Our own news channel was a little beyond our reach though, so then the thought of a YouTube channel crossed my mind, but I'm not very comfortable in videos, in front of the camera. I can take pictures all day long, but I hate talking on camera. I get nervous and can't organize my thoughts and I leave stuff out. So I decided to start a blog with that name because it's easier for me to write and make sure I say everything I want to say.

In 2016, I was a part of the silent majority. But I started to speak up slowly over the past year and recently, with the China Virus and the riots, looting, BLM, and people blaming Trump for everything, it became hard for me to stay silent because I had a lot to say. This inspired my blog. I said I don't even care if no one reads my blog, I want to have it for me, it's like a journal I put my thoughts into and it's therapeutic for me to write it all down and let it out. Right before starting the blog, I posted a picture of my husband and I with our cat in front of a Trump flag and wearing MAGA hats. I lost over 100 followers in less than 24 hours and some people left nasty comments on my post before unfollowing me. After starting my blog, I made my Instagram public to help promote the blog. Students 4 Trump shared one of my pictures and I ended up getting a lot of followers. Now I have followers in their right mind. Pun intended. :)

When I began, I wish I knew how nasty a lot of people would be. Well, I did expect it; I just wish I was prepared for getting a lot of hate.

4. What advice would you give someone looking to get more involved into politics?

Be prepared for criticism, for people to call you names and harass you. You have to grow thick skin and not let it get to you because a lot of people agree with you and appreciate you speaking up. Even if they don't all tell you so.

After I started speaking up, I had a lot of people messaging me telling me how brave I am for sticking up for what I believe in and that they appreciate me speaking up.

5. What is the one common myth about Trump Supporters that you want to debunk?

That we are racist homophobes! Trump has supporters who are Black, Mexican, gay and of all colors and races. That's because he is not a racist or a homophobe. Trump has appointed openly gay ambassadors and has increased funding to historically black colleges, among many other things. I have never been racist or a homophobe before in my life. I have always had friends of different races and I have a lot of gay friends. I have never discriminated or judged anyone by their sexuality or the color of their skin. And supporting Trump does not make me a racist homophobe.

For anyone who thinks Trump is a racist homophobe and is voting for Biden, well you are either delusional or you lack brain cells and need to turns off CNN and educate yourself. Joe Biden has said that marriage is between a man and a woman, he has said that you are not black if you don't vote for him, he has said that the Latino community is diverse and the African American community is not, and in the 70's he said he wouldn't integrate white kids with black kids in schools because it would be like a jungle. Those are just a few examples of many. Trump has black friends, some of which spoke at the RNC about what he has done for the Black community and provided facts of why he isn't a racist. A lot of the news channels either cut out those speeches when they aired the RNC, or they talked over them. I watched the entire thing live on YouTube, uninterrupted and uncut. All this information is out there and is easy to find, if you just search and don't let the fake news brainwash you.

6. Where can our readers connect with you online?
My website is and is updated regularly with news, giveaways, and a meme of the week.
As far as social media, I am most active on Instagram @sweet_resilience and Twitter @xoxoPatrioticRN

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