Labor Day in a Year like No Other

Labor Day 2020 is already upon us; it's hard to believe that the Summer of Love is almost over. As with most holidays in America, the true meaning of Labor Day has been obscured by today's hectic lifestyle and exceptional marketing. Far too much of our great American history, the struggles, and trials that brought this holiday about are ignored and forgotten.


A Brief History

The observance had its roots in 1882 when some 20,000 people turned out for a New York City parade celebrating unions and union workers. Soon, such celebrations began to take place across America. Oregon was the first state to adopt Labor Day as a state holiday in 1887. That same year, the holiday was recognized by four additional states.

Twelve years after its beginning, President Grover Cleveland signed a bill establishing Labor Day as a federal holiday to be observed each year on the first Monday in September.

Although time has clouded the original meaning of Labor Day, the 21st-century version continues in much the same historical fashion. We still gather to celebrate the advances made by workers with picnics and parades (screw Covid).

The Holiday Itself

Speaking of picnics, Labor Day signals the unofficial end of hot dog season. Americans consume about 7 billion dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year.

Beer is also a huge part of most Labor Day festivities. After all, what is a picnic without beer? Spice up your picnic with a set of Smoky the Bear or Built Trump Tough pint glasses from Patriots Cave, or pick from the many other fun patriotic designs we have to offer.

America was built by the millions of patriotic citizens toiling every day to create a better life for themselves and their families' future. The quality of life for American workers has improved dramatically with time and much effort. The Labor Day holiday celebrates this toil and the perseverance which has delivered the freedom and opportunity we enjoy today.


Today's America

Sadly, many Americans have been duped by the cynical and callous media with their partisan spin and dishonest reporting. Thousands appear to be listening and have joined the left in their effort to dismantle America and our way of life. You hear it every day, people repeating talking points and headlines instead of using reasoned arguments.

Work, performing your job, is looked at very differently today than 50 years ago, let alone in 1882.

Back then, seven-day weeks and 12 to 14 hour days were the norms. Paid time off and breaks; you were the lucky worker if you received any benefits whatsoever. There was no overtime, very little promise of advancement, with work and safety conditions that would be criminal today.

Imagine the snowflakes and rioters in our streets laboring in such conditions. Okay, okay, wipe the tears and get control of yourself once you have had a good laugh at that mental image.

Hard work and consistent effort applied over time; the secret to success remains the same today as it has from the beginning of time.

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." --Thomas Jefferson


America Is the Land of Opportunity.

Every person in America makes choices, the choice to do what's right, and be diligent in our personal life. We can choose to take up an opportunity when it presents itself. Each of us can make the choice to work hard and follow our dreams. As patriots, we choose to celebrate America and to honor the sacrifices made for our freedoms.

America is all about choices (tell that to your Democrat Governor drunk on Covid-power).

Whether you are talking about past or current Labor Day celebrations, camaraderie, community, and unity of purpose are consistent. Americans, everyday people who pursue their own path to happiness, revere the brave, patriotic laborers who led the fight from which we have gained so much.

This is part of our history, just like all the other growing pains our young nation has successfully confronted.

But, loyal Americans who believe in her and her people know that those who despise America are not the majority. We know that the promises made in our Constitution are for us to protect. The millions who have literally given their all so that we may live free and enjoy celebrations like Labor Day deserve our respect and praise.



And Finally

As we slog our way through the bazaar summer of 2020, the Wuhan virus, anarchists, socialists, corrupt media, and an untethered Democrat party are threatening America, our Constitution, and our way of life. But, we Patriots know that these are all challenges Americans have faced before. The American people have proven themselves both willing and capable over and over, just as we will now. 

We know and understand hard work and unity; they are what got us here. The left does not understand this; they can only see the world through their jaded eyes.

So, on Monday, September 7, 2020, as America celebrates yet another Labor Day, lift your glass in a toast to our great nation and the loyal Patriots who made your celebration possible. And remember, let's Keep America Great.

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