In Memory of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: "Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have."

How does one even begin to describe the impact a giant and trailblazer like Rush had on conservatism in America? 

To many, especially on the left, he was a hateful bigot and racist because he pulled no punches and spoke plain English. He used his charged rhetoric and sarcasm to make his point, drawing constant fire from the liberal drive-by media and their loyal lemmings.

While patriots across the nation mourned the loss of this tremendous conservative voice, the drive-by media and leftist pundits mocked his memory and cheered his passing. Unfortunately, none of this is surprising. The American left seems to have lost all reason and gleefully destroys anyone with opposing views, even in death.


In the Beginning

The genesis of Rush's passion for and calling to broadcasting was his first breath. From childhood, his focus was radio broadcasting. Although his parents frowned on this career path, it was the one thing their young son stuck with.

A Remco Caravelle toy radio was his big break. A gift at nine years old, the Caravelle could transmit up to 500 feet, and Rush used every inch. His audience may have been limited to his family, but the rising icon had his start.

There was never a career option for the Maha-Rushi; his only focus was becoming a radio broadcaster. After beginning at home, he worked as a DJ for a local station, partially owned by his father, using the pseudonym Rusty Sharpe while in high school.

Finally, after losing several broadcasting positions for being too controversial and working for a short time in sales, he got a break in Sacramento as an on-air host, taking over the time-slot vacated by Morton Downey Junior. Since that first day, the world has never been the same after the Doctor of Democracy hung his shingle over the microphone.


Rush, The Entertainer

Broadcasting was his first love and passion. However, it was never Rush's intention to be a political juggernaut. He wanted to entertain his audience, and at the beginning, that is what he did. His talent for wiki quotes, sarcasm, and humor did not fade with his political fame. His knack for comedy is as much his signature as his controversial nature.

We can never forget his boastful and self-aggrandizing references to his greatness.

  • Talent on loan from God. Half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.
  • Your guiding light.
  • The views expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right 99.7% of the time.

Everything Rush did jerked the liberal chain. Undoubtedly a good portion of his audience were liberals drawn like moths to a flame.


Forever in Our Hearts

Now, he is gone; this steadfast voice of the right for over 30 years, Rush Limbaugh, will forever be loved by conservatives around the world. His immeasurable contributions and quick wit will be difficult to replace if that is even possible.

But, his words and ideas live on in all of us. His fervent calls to action, and pointed criticism of the left, remain for us to carry on.

God bless you, Rush Limbaugh. We salute you. The world will miss your voice. You truly were talent on loan from God.


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  • Caroline Willis On

    What a GREAT man and American. His words of wisdom saved me from feminism- I am eternally grateful. God Bless Rush and the Limbaugh family.

  • Kissandra Walker On

    He was a great man that will always
    Be missed!!



  • Joyce Heintzman On

    He will be greatly missed. I’m still very upset about his passing.

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