Donald Trump – Changing America's Presidential Expectations

The Donald – Upgrading America's Political Expectations



President Trump gets more done by lunchtime than most politicians get done in a lifetime, like sleepy Joe.

Still, many people have heartburn with President Trump's unorthodox and unfiltered communication style. 

Barack Obama seemed to mesmerize crowds with this lofty oratory. People felt a thrill run down their leg in response to his promise of hope and change. They continued to fawn over him throughout his two terms, melting at his every word.

President Trump, on the other hand, just spits it out, in his unique way. What he says may smack you in the face and is probably rough around the edges, but he tells you what he thinks. To some, his style is menacing, threatening.

Others find patriotic encouragement and exhilaration not evident in the Obama/Biden administration.

Let’s take a look at some of President Trump’s wins. Although this is but a sampling, the accomplishments of Trump’s first four years in office are legendary. There is no way to fit all of that into one article. Still, this may take a little while; time to go grab your favorite Super Trump gear and glass for inspiration and refreshment.


The Trump Style

Trump often says things assuming that the audience has some level of understanding; many do. Those Patriots who elected him in 2016 understand what the Trump administration is about; reversing the constitutional devastation caused by years of progressive onslaught.

 Unfortunately, many people, especially, but not only, those on the left, consistently struggle to understand sarcasm, innuendo, and humor. The typical liberal response is feigned shock and a barrage of talking points ignoring the jab and calling it a lie; Such simple minds.

Their emotional deficit creates a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation when Democrats and the lefties attempt to express their limited comprehension. 


Battling Media and the Resistance

Despite the unrelenting and unprecedented level of hostility towards President Trump, his administration, and the concerned American citizens who elected him, his first term achievements are nothing less than spectacular.

Unlike the silver-tongued Obama, whose speeches most often promise the exact opposite of his results.
To be fair, however, we must admit that the evasive and opaque style of Obama is shared by most professional politicians on either side.

It's crazy, Obama makes a lengthy speech saying the right words and promising the world, but the exact opposite happens, and his right words turn into big problems.
Thankfully, President Trump has reversed many of those bad decisions.


It's not only crazy that Obama's speeches are inverted, and the world seems to eat them up. But when President Trump says something, anything, it is either considered insane, dangerous or a lie.


Promises, Promises

Obama's promises showed no results, President Trump has delivered on his promises. Not only that, many of his alleged "lies" have come to pass; Democrats spying on his campaign and administration is a prime example, one we are learning more about every day.

Another good one is the nonexistent caravans and threat from MS13, which they said did not exist at our southern border.

The difference between the promises and assertions of Donald Trump versus Barack Obama and other politicians is that Trump gets results. 


Leading from Behind

Joe Biden developed his Campaign-From-Behind philosophy out of Obama’s feckless foreign-policy strategy (Remember how this policy was supposed to raise America’s standing in the world?).


Astonishingly, the entire Democrat party is choosing to lead from behind. 

We have seen this strategy play out in Democrat cities across the country for over three months straight. Mostly peaceful riots and looting sprees are encouraged and protected by Democrats and the left.


They are afraid to trigger their immature mob of voters.

The party itself has adopted the same strategy since they lost in 2016. That’s how they ended up with 25th amendment Joe and Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris.



A Winning Economy

The Trump economy quickly became the envy of the world. The stock market, our GDP, wages, employment, virtually every indicator reached historic highs within months of President Trump’s inauguration.


Eliminating massive amounts of ruthless and often irrational regulations is a significant factor in the new Trump economy.


Cutting taxes for business and individuals boosted the middle class and unshackled mountains of pent-up profits to create new jobs and companies.


Restoring our military's strengths and capabilities are critical to America's security, and President Trump has done this, reversing the damage of sequestration under Obama and Biden.


Let's not forget that President Trump is continuing to bring more and more of our brave soldiers home and ending endless wars as he cleans up the Obama-Biden foreign policy disasters which drain America’s treasure and our warriors blood.



Trump Tames the World

President Trump is delivering on every promise he has been able to keep. He is doing all he can on healthcare without Congress. The same goes for immigration, infrastructure, and pretty much anything that costs money. Nancy Pelosi and the Resistance control the purse strings.


President Trump has delivered results at almost every turn. But the most confounding, impactful, and bold results have been in the arena of Foreign Policy.


We already mentioned the wars that are ending. Our enemies are on notice that President Donald J Trump and America will not stand for being bullied or threatened. Our friends and allies respect us now because we don't lie down and let them walk over us; NATO is pleased about this.


The blathering morons and talking heads in the Narrative Supporting Media all warned with great certainty that electing Donald Trump president would cause World War III and probably the destruction of Earth.

When he moved our embassy to Jerusalem, we were assured that all hell would break loose.


And they were right! All hell did break loose; on the left.


In the Middle East, this action and America's leaving the failed Obama/Biden-Iran Nuclear Deal have resulted in a historic peace agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.


Meanwhile, in other areas of conflict, President Trump brokered a peace agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. The two countries are so pleased with the outcome that they renamed the contended late straddling their borders Lake Trump instead of each country using a different name.


Another long-standing dispute resolved.


President Trump has been nominated to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for each of these results.


Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for talking.



But Wait, There’s More

The accomplishments of President Trump and his administration are YUGE; we could go on forever. We have only mentioned a few because other breakthroughs we think are equally important but less discussed deserve to be acknowledged.


President Trump is changing the way America looks at her politicians. He is showing us that a President can communicate without blowing smoke up our asses.


The amount of work he gets done makes us wonder what the hell all these other jokers have been doing.


One campaign promise that definitely helped him get elected was his promise to Drain the Swamp. We have watched with wonder and amusement as he has drawn out the Media, Dems, RINO's, and self-styled elites, exposing them for who and what they are.


It is a thing of beauty, but there are many more creatures to vanquish.


Undoubtedly, President Trump’s most needed and helpful accomplishment for America is the realization by Patriots such as you that there is hope to reverse the years of Progressive Damage done to our institutions.
The appointment of a third Supreme Court justice and nearly 300 other federal judges in his first term should go down as his most crucial contribution to America's survival.


After getting elected, that is.



The Choice Is Clear

It's a tale of two philosophies of governance. President Trump believes as you do, as we do, that America is a government of, by, and for the people. He is hobbling the ruling class and empowering the citizenry.

This is how he is Making America Great Again, and this is how We Will Keep America Great.

A Biden/Harris, Harris/Biden administration will reverse all of this. They cannot have America resume constitutional norms, it would spell death for the progressive utopia. 

Perhaps, with federal court judges and Supreme Court justices who faithfully adhere to constitutional principles, America can regain her footing as a Democratic Republic. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats legislate when they can’t count on the courts to back them up.


Smack Down

A resounding and overwhelming victory for President Trump and Republican candidates in every state and precinct is a must.
Now is the time to deliver the classic Trump Haymaker to the Democrats and their subversive leftists.


Do not fail to do your patriotic duty; vote and encourage everyone you know that a vote for President Trump is a vote for America, our Constitution and the freedoms we hold dear.


Trump 2020 – Keep America and Keep America Great

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