Care Instructions

Bullet Glassware Care & Use

  • Please wash before use.
  • Not Dishwasher safe. Please hand wash only. 
  • Extremely hot liquids may stress the glass and cause breakage.
  • Do not microwave or freeze glass as this can cause the glass to break.
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers.

If the embedded item becomes loose or falls out, please do not attempt to glue the item back into the glass. If the glass breaks, cracks, or the embedded item falls out or becomes loose, please discontinue use. After you have taken a photo of the glass, please dispose of it and refer to the Product Replacement Request policy

Product Information & Product Care

Genuine once fired shell casings may contain minor blemishes or scratches consistent with their history. Our products are completely safe to use inert rounds. They are lead-free and do not contain active primers or gunpowder, however, because they resemble live ammunition, we do not recommend bringing them to locations where live ammunition may not be permitted (e.g. schools, airports, etc.).

Care Instructions

  • Our products are not dishwasher safe. 
  • Do not microwave or freeze products.
  • Do not soak or use to store liquids for long periods.
  • Avoid using scrub cloths, bristled brushes, or steel wool.  

Cleaning Instructions

  • Use a mild soap and a non-abrasive cloth to clean products.
  • Rinse with warm water and immediately dry the product thoroughly.
  • Polish with a microfiber cloth, being careful not to polish too aggressively as this can remove the coating.
  • Regular cleaning and polishing will prevent dirt and oils from accumulating and help maintain the product's luster.
  • For Brass Products - Oils in your skin can hasten brass tarnishing. To prevent your brass product from tarnishing, a thin coating of linseed oil or mineral can be helpful. Be sure to apply oil with a soft terry cloth.