Constitution & We The People Designed Pint & Whiskey Glasses, Unique Gifts

Constitution & We The People Designed Pint & Whiskey Glasses, Unique Gifts

The Constitution/We the People is the foundation of law in America. It was carefully written after the Revolutionary War so we would never again be ruled by a king or tyrant. The Constitution lists many laws from the establishment of Congress to rules for calling forth the militia. The document begins with large letters saying, “We the People.” Patriot’s Cave sells an impressive whiskey glass called the “US Constitution Whiskey Glass” It has the words of the Constitution/We the People wrapped around the glass.

The words are written in a cursive style called Copperplate just like the original Constitution. How about also ordering a “2nd Amendment .308 Bullet Whiskey Glass” with a real copper bullet through the side of the glass and say “Cheers!” to the Constitution/We the People!

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