Six Pillars of Republican Views

There are many values that come hand & hand with being a self-described Republican. Conservatism runs deep in many parts of the country and it’s no surprise how it’s easy to align with such views. Here we’re going to discuss six absolute pillars of Republican views/beliefs:


  1.       GUN OWNERSHIP

Gun ownership is a critical cornerstone for aligning and/or identifying as a Republican. The Founding Fathers made sure to enshrine this in the country’s identity with the Second Amendment. Whether you are an outdoor sportsman of sorts or a common citizen looking to protect fellow individuals, gun ownership is a must & must not be infringed upon by any means.



Another crucial pillar of Republican identity is the idea & belief in limited government. America fought a revolution in order to pull away from extreme government overreach & those same beliefs hold steadfast centuries later. States are unique in their population & culture so letting the States determine its own policies on various issues is the most sensible way to approach many issues.



Protecting this nation earns someone a higher level of respect. Patriotism is what this country is all about & what better way can an individual show that than to serve this nation in uniform. Republicans tend to believe that the country should have a strong military in every sense of the word and each & every veteran should be honored to the utmost degree.


  1.       IMMIGRATION

Immigration is yet another thing that, believe it or not, has been entrenched in this country since its founding. However it must be done correctly & legal. Illegal immigration is one thing that is absolutely frowned upon & not accepted by any means. There are far too many legal Americans in search of employment to give the opportunities to illegal immigrants who work for far less wages, & it’s truly sad that many employers turn a blind eye to this. As a Republican one must firmly believe in an absolute rejection of illegal immigration as it undermines legal immigrants that have toiled their way to legality.



As the push for more socialism based policies (Democratic in name or not) the standard consensus among all Republicans is that it sounds good only in name only. If we take a look at other countries that have followed suit on such programs many have been disastrous. Free trade is a must alongside as few government regulations as possible. Each & every individual is responsible for his or her own success & should not rely on a government deity of any sorts to make ends meet unless they’re disabled or lack any means of creating a sustainable living.



As the old saying goes: “You can’t spend what you don’t have.” This holds true in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to government spending. A concrete Republican belief is that balancing the budget & minimizing new taxes is the best way to keep the government’s financial situation in check.


There are far more aspects to it, but it can all be wrapped in saying one word: CONSERVATIVE 


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  • Leah Smith On

    Love this message! It is so true. If you examine the democrats’ agenda very closely, you’ll see that every item on that agenda neatly fits into one or more of these pillars they’re trying to bring down.

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