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308 Shot Glasses

'Merica EST. 1776 .308 Bullet Shot Glass 'Merica EST. 1776 .308 Bullet Shot GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99
Don't Tread on Me .308 Bullet Shot Glass Don't Tread on Me .308 Bullet Shot GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99
Draped Flag .308 Bullet Whiskey Glass Draped Flag .308 Bullet Whiskey GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99
Punisher .308 Bullet shot Glass Punisher .308 Bullet shot GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99
Have a Nice Day .308 Bullet Whiskey Glass Have a Nice Day .308 Bullet Whiskey GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99
Molon Labe .308 Bullet Shot Glass Molon Labe .308 Bullet Shot GlassOn Sale
$16.49 $18.99

Patriot’s Cave offers many styles of 308 bullet shot glasses for those who appreciate a patriotic message on their glass. We have a selection of meaningful and patriotic messages on all of our glasses. Why settle for plain shot glasses when you can have those that support your patriotic views? Our shot glasses are made of Borosilicate glass and decorated in the USA.

They are 2 oz capacity glasses with designs etched in America. They are a perfect addition to your home bar, and they also make a great gift for friends or family members. You will be amazed at the high quality and design of our  308 bullet shot glasses at Patriot’s Cave.

How much is shipping on 308 bullet shot glasses?

At Patriot’s Cave, we offer several methods for shipping your 308 bullet shot glasses to you. For orders of $75 or more after promotions and discounts are applied, we offer free economy shipping. You may want to order less merchandise, and we welcome your purchase. We offer three types of shipping for orders under $75. These are Economy Shipping, Ground Shipping, or Select Saver Shipping. Shipping times vary depending on the carrier, and these times are not within our control. Please allow Patriot’s Cave 2-3 business days for processing your 308 bullet shot glasses.

How can I pay for 308 bullet shot glasses?

Patriot’s Cave accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, and others. We also accept PayPal. It is simple and easy to purchase the 308 bullet shot glasses you like best. You can pay for them with your credit card. Just add your credit card information, complete your address and shipping details, and your 308 bullet shot glasses will be processed within 2-3 business days. If you would like to save your credit card information with us, your next purchase will be even easier. Your payment is safe on our secure server. 

What are your refund and return policies on 308 bullet shot glasses?

Our refund and return policy on 308 bullet shot glasses are that you may return the merchandise within 30 days of the date it was shipped. The products must be in their original packaging and be unaltered, unused, and undamaged. They must have been purchased directly from our website at Patriot’s Cave. Please use our return form and print it out from home. Send it to us, along with your product. Customized merchandise is not refundable and can’t be exchanged. We do not pay for return shipping, but we will provide a USPS First Class or Priority shipping label upon your request and deduct this amount from your return. We do not provide exchanges at this time. Please note that a restocking fee of 10%-30% will be deducted from your refund depending on the item and condition of the 308 bullet shot glasses.